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101 Ways to Help Your Budget and You at Home


28. Kids Meal Deals
“Go out to eat to places that offer deals for the kids. For example, our local restaurant, Fire House Subs, offers a free kids meal (sandwich, chips, drink and dessert) for each paying adult.” Doing some quick research ahead of time to find meal deals can save you cash and over time, it can really add up.

– Roshanda Pratt

29. Insider Specials
Saving money doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Check out websites like to find specials deals and members-only information on sales trends – and turn your savings plan into a fun activity that you look forward to working on.


30. Check Your Deductible
CWAHM reader Tricia Kongos offers us this tip to help cut down on auto expenses, “Cut down on auto insurance bill by increasing deductibles.” Make a call to your auto insurance agent today and ask about reducing your deductible. Make sure to get all the details on what a reduced deductible will mean to help determine if the cost savings are worth the trade-off.


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101 Ways to Help Your Budget and You at Home


25. Switch Drinks
CWAHM reader Tricia Kongos offers this tip: “Order water to drink at restaurants instead of soda.” This will not only cut down on your bill every time you eat out, but will also eliminate calories from your diet.


26. Use Expiring Items
Make a point to put food items that are nearing their expiration front and center so they will be used first. A study by by the Natural Resources Defense Council reports that Americans throw away roughly 40% of their food, which equates to roughly $2,275 a year for a family of four.


27. Slash Your Cable Bill

“Get rid of Cable or Satellite TV-between free air stations (your local stations) and options like Roku, Apple TV, and the like, you can watch many show and movies for a fraction of the cost of cable! Subscriptions to Hulu Plus (regular Hulu is free on you computer), Netflix and similar services are less than $10 a month! It’s worth looking into-we cut our satellite bill from $120/month to $19/month!!”

– Anne Bennett


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101 Ways to Help Your Budget and You at Home

22. Make a monthly budget
“ If you don’t know the magic number of how much you spend each month on food, clothing, gasoline, car washes, eating out, etc., you’ll never know where you can trim the fat and save money! You might not realize that your family spends $400/month on fast food and restaurants until you take the time to add up each transaction!! Then you can decide if that’s a reasonable amount for your budget or if you need to lower that amount! It’s so much easier to SAVE money when you know WHERE it’s all going!”

– Anne Bennett


23. Count The Cost
Before you buy groceries or other items in bulk, check the cost per unit (CPU) to determine which is truly the better bargain. I noticed this recently when our grocery store had crackers on sale. It ended up being cheaper for me to buy 3 small bags of the crackers (which were on sale) instead of the “family pack” (that equated to the same amount as the 3 small bags) at regular price.


24. Freeze It
“Freeze meals or extras. I recently make cupcakes but had too much. I froze the rest and pulled out later for a treat.”

– Roshanda Pratt


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101 Ways to Help Your Budget and You at Home

19. Shop Off-season
This tip comes from Roshanda Pratt, CWAHM’s Media Director. Roshanda says that to save money she often shops in the off season, for example buy winter clothes in the spring, etc.

– Roshanda Pratt

20. Keep It Cool
CWAHM reader Tricia Kongos shares one way that her family has found that helps save money by keeping heating costs down in the winter: “Turn thermostat down in the winter and wear a sweatshirt!” I bet some of your reading are glad you live in warm climates! 🙂

– Tricia Kongos

21. Use Rewards
Mother of four Anne Bennett gives this great tip: “Use reward cards!! Now, I’m not talking about credit cards, but the free reward cards that you can accumulate points on for $ off! Especially if it somewhere you shop regularly! Some cards can also be used to load digital coupons on top of your regular savings as a card holder.”

– Anne Bennett


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  1. 101 Ways to Help Your Budget and You at Home

16. Homemade Soap
Another way to keep a little extra cash in your wallet it to make homemade hand soap. There are hundreds of recipes and ideas out there, but here’s one to get you started:

17. Cut Out Vices

This one seems simple, but actually putting it into practice can be much more difficult. However, cutting out vices like smoking, liquor, etc can save you hundreds of dollars a month. If your vice is something you’ve done for years, consider asking a friend to hold you accountable or seek out a treatment program at a church or ministry near you.

18. This tip comes from a fellow CWAHM:
“Jill, one of the ways I am able to save money by staying at home is that my family is able to eat my home cooking rather than getting a bite on the run on the way home. It makes us healthier, also.
I use the crockpot a lot to give me the most time to work on my home projects and meals are hot and ready when we are. This year I bought 3 crockpot cookbooks to help me come up with new ideas. Often I use the old favorites but modify them. Such as cooking the taco mix in the crock pot and adding the shells, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese etc at the table.”
– Kathy Wilson

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Rev. James Snyder, Out to Pastor bloggerThis past week the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and I were having a conversation. Of course, it was more like a monologue, but you know how that works.

We were thinking back over the years of our life together and reminding ourselves of some of the great and wonderful times we have had. The friends we have made. The activities we have enjoyed together. Of course, there were the grandchildren and my wife had a great time talking about the grandchildren and I chuckling along with her.

After a moment of quietness, my wife said rather seriously, “Who is the friend you miss the most?”

Boy, was that a question!

I had to really think about that, then I mention somebody she knew and we moved on to another subject.

However, thinking about that a little bit later I did acknowledge that the friend I missed the most was Tom Foolery. I guess, as you get older you more or less outgrow that friendship. But I certainly do miss him.

Being older now, and supposedly wiser, I am expected to have a certain serious decorum. I am to take everything very seriously and professionally. I suppose I am seriously a professional geezer.

Why is it when you get older people expect different things out of you?

I do have fond memories of my high school years when I was not expected to be serious minded or professional. The great expectation back then was to enjoy yourself and have fun. Do not take life too seriously, was the motto of my younger years.

Now that I am older, I have to take life seriously. Who came up with that rule? I would like to send him to the principal’s office.

Someone once said in my hearing that 60 was the new 40. I do not know what that means, but I like to lean in that direction. Too many people, including my wife, take things way too serious. Where is the fun in that though?

I do remember quite fondly my friend Tom Foolery. We had a lot of fun together and enjoyed each other’s company totally.

I think, even at my age that a little bit of Tom Foolery is not going to hurt me in the least. Of course, my ribs might ache because of all the laughter involved. That it is a small price to pay.

I was thinking about my friend, Tom, when I was at the post office this past week. Every once in a while I have to take a package to the post office to have it mailed.

This day the line was quite long and the service people were working as hard and fast as they could. However, too many people had problems that could not be solved in a moment.

The line got longer and longer, the people inhabiting the line grew a little grouchy and grumpy, and I could hear some of the complaining behind me.

I notice loads of problems in life, but if standing in line for a long period is the worst of my problems, I certainly have a wonderful life. Not everybody goes along with that idea. Especially, the people standing behind me.

Pretty soon, one of the lady managers from the back came out to try to assist in the service. She said, “Is anybody here for pick up?”

I do not offer any logical excuse or explanation for what I said. Just that, the noodle soup upstairs was boiling and my mouth was unlocked at the moment.

I said to the lady, “Are you handling the pickup?”

“Yes I am,” she said very professionally as she walked over towards me.

“Are you available?”

Walking towards me, she said, “Yes.”

Quite seriously, I extended my hand and responded to her, “Where would you like to go?”

She stopped in her tracks and looked at me and immediately behind me the customers began laughing and clapping their hands. Read More→

101 Ways to Help Your Budget and You at Home

13. Cut Out Fast Food
This one is SO hard for me. I love to bake, but cooking is not one of my favorite things to do. However, eating out adds up QUICK. So, to save some extra money each month, consider cutting out as much away-from-home eating as possible. Make it a game and see how many meals you can eat at home and then reward yourself in some inexpensive way.

14. Stop Spending
In our culture, living on less can be very difficult. We’re bombarded with new things that we “need” and new gizmos that we must have in order to be successful. For the next month, challenge yourself. Set a goal to only spend $25 a week (or whatever amount your family agrees on) and see how well you can do!

15. Cut Out Soda
I’m nearing the year mark since I’ve had soda. Not only has our budget increased by around $50/month, I’ve also lost weight. What more can I say to convince you that those sodas that taste so good are not worth the calories or the $$.


Tune in tomorrow for the next installment of 101 Tips To Help Your Budget (And You!) at Home.


Read the entire series here!



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