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Successful CWAHM Story: Megan Spears, Disorder2Order


Name: Megan M. Spears
Company Name: Disorder2Order
Website Address:

Jill: Tell us a little about your business:

Megan: First and foremost, I am a stay at home mom of two boys (4 and 6). When I am not doing the SAHM things, I run my own business as an organizing consultant and speaker. Creating household management systems for busy families and new moms is my main focus. However, I do work with small business owners, home office professionals as well as corporate clients in creating effective systems. I love to teach (I knew I should have been an educator like my parents told me) workshops and share my knowledge with people who want to learn how to be free from the clutter in their lives. We no longer have the luxury of being disorganized.

Jill: How did you decide on your business:

Megan: I started my business in 2004 after helping a friend organize her photos for a scrapbook. She kept telling me how good I was at working with people and that I should start my own business helping people get organized. At the time, my first child was about a year old and I thought it might be fun to have something on the side. I started my business with the intention that I would be doing it only part time for the next 5-6 years, in hopes that when the kids were in school full time, I could make a go of it as a full time/part time gig.

Jill: Name the one thing you love best about your business:

Megan: I love setting my own rules and taking on what I feel is best. I had a period of time with the boys, that I really needed to focus 150% of my time on them and it was nice to put the business on the back burner to focus on them, when I had more free time, I started working more. I also love it when people tell me that I have changed their life. It reminds me why I do what I do. It’s happened more than once and it’s an amazing feeling. I never feel like I am doing anything that extraordinary, but just helping someone with a simple task like managing their mail can be life changing for some.

Jill: How do you market your business?

Megan: I base most of my business on referrals and word of mouth. I do have a website, blog and newsletter that I enjoy and builds my presence in the marketplace. Another source is from speaking engagements and teaching classes. Reaching out and talking to the masses gives me the exposure to tell people what I do and what I can do for them. Almost every speaking gig, rewards me with clients.

Jill: What is your biggest lesson you’ve learned.

Megan: The importance of asking for the referral, appointment, meeting or opportunity to work with/for someone.  If you are not comfortable speaking out, self starting or being bold, it will be a real challenge for you starting your business. You have to be somewhat aggressive and willing to put yourself out there. I know there have been a lot of opportunities I have missed because I didn’t “ask,”  but I have learned overtime how to ask, and it’s paid off.

Jill: How do you balance work/family?

Megan: At first, it was really hard. I floundered not knowing what to do when, for probably the first two years. With limited time and energy to work on work, it made it hard to get much done. Family is always first for me, no matter what, so it did hamper how much work I would get done. Now, my time and day is structured by a schedule that stays the same (for the most part). It’s important to draw the line on your time from the start. Routine is key, not only for a business but for kids and a family!

Jill: What tip would you give to those wishing to start a business.

Megan: I always have a lot to say to new business owners, so here goes… do your homework and write a business plan. Even if you are not going to a bank to get money, write a business plan. As a small business owner, you don’t have a boss standing over you telling you what to do, so it’s important that you know you can hold yourself accountable in getting things done. If you have a business plan of sorts, you can use it as a guide. Use every experience as a learning experience to make your business better, and be prepared to wear every hat and don’t be discouraged when people don’t want to work with you… you won’t make every client happy and that’s okay. Step out of what has always been comfortable. You are going to have to ask for business, ask for opportunities, so be sure you are comfortable with that. How do you think I got to start writing for Jill at CWAHM? I asked.

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