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Guest Post: 18 Ways You Can Serve Your Husband Today


Sometimes we harp on our husbands for being less romantic than we would like. But if we look at ourselves honestly, many of us would see we spend more energy worrying about what are husbands are not doing, than considering what we should be doing.

Philippians 2:3–4 reminds us, “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others” (NIV). Sometimes we just don’t want to serve our husbands, so we make excuses. “It’s inconvenient, I don’t have time, I’m too tired, he doesn’t understand . . .”

When I struggle with these kinds of thoughts, I have to remind myself that Jesus loves me when I am undeserving, and it’s His energy that helps me demonstrate love to others. Other times, we really may want to serve our husbands and meet their needs, but we struggle with the how-to side.

Carrying out the concept can require a little creativity that we may be missing after an exhausting day of work at home. On those days, don’t beat yourself up for spending energy on your kids, work, or household management. Keep this list of ideas handy and serve your husband a helping of genuine care.

1) Allow your husband to set the pace for the conversation. If he needs to talk when you are busy, try to put aside your task and listen to him as you would like to be listened to. If you want to talk, but he is tired after his day at work, put off your conversation until he is feeling more relaxed.
2) Comply with a request he’s made for you to do something or run an errand, even if the timing inconveniences you.
3) Offer for him to go out with his buddies or do something he enjoys at a time he might usually be taking care of the kids. If you can’t take care of them during that time because of work or some other commitment, arrange for a sitter.
4) Give him a backrub without asking for or expecting one in return.
5) Plan a surprise date you know he’ll enjoy. Don’t make him take care of any details.
6) Don’t harp on how he leaves dirty clothes or belongings around. Just pick them up yourself.
7) Offer to bring him a drink after he’s been mowing the lawn or working outside.
8) Smile as you fold the laundry. Then tuck a note in his drawer that says it’s a pleasure to wash his clothes for him.
9) Offer to wash his feet for him (literally) and rub them after his hard day of work.
10) Pause from a task just to kiss or hug your husband.
11) Touch him whenever you pass by him or whenever he’s in reach.
12) Pray with your husband over a concern he’s facing.
13) Before you go shopping for groceries or running errands, ask if you can pick up anything for your husband or run an errand for him.
14) In a group of friends or in front of your kids, say something you appreciate about him. Do this in his hearing.
15) Point out something your husband does well, whether a skill, a spiritual gift, a ministry, or something else.
16) Treat him like you’d treat a guest in your home.
17) Get rid of some of your clothes if he needs more room in your closet.
18) Invite him to a sunrise breakfast or midnight snack while the children are asleep.
Rachelle Dawson is a freelance writer and editor. In her spare time, Rachelle and her husband camp, pray together, and haggle over the superiority of dark or milk chocolate.

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