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Small Business Women Start Up – How to Brand Yourself


Dana Susan Beasley

So you’ve decided to start a business. You have gone on a self-discovery journey to find out what what your vision is, what your passions are, as well as your gifts, talents, and skills. You’ve chosen either a direct selling company or a

network marketing organization. Or you want to turn your hobby into a business. Perhaps you have specialized knowledge and gifts that you can turn into a product or service people need, want, and desire.

Now what?

Now it’s time to build your business into a brand.

What’s Your USP?
Choose a memorable name or use your own name as a brand, whatever appeals to you the most. Design an image around that name and what’s called your Unique Selling Proposition or USP. What is a USP? It is the products or services that distinguishes your company from another one. It’s the answer to the question, what do you uniquely have to offer?

Who’s Your Target Audience?
Choosing a target market is very important in this process. Whom are you in business for? Don’t say everyone! If you aim at nothing, you will hit at nothing. Have a laser focus on your audience and your brand will be more effective and you will have success. Whom do you have an affinity for? Look around you. What are your spheres of influence? For me, after becoming a homeschooling mother, I realized what a huge, growing niche market I had stumbled across. And naturally, I understand them because I am one and I regularly talk with fellow homeschooling mothers. You need to ask questions regarding your target market. What is their pain? What is their greatest fear? What do they desire? Who influences them? When you know the answer to these questions, you can weave that with your unique passions, talents, gifts, skills, and experience. Then you truly have something unique to offer!

Where Will Your Vision Take You?
So you have a vision, you have a target market, and you have a USP. What image represents that in the best, most simple way? Get a vision for your logo, sketch it out, play with it. Use software like Adobe Photoshop. Keep in mind, when designing a logo, what change you want to effect with it. What do you want to communicate? Remember you have only a few secon
Whether you decide to be an associate for a network marketer or promote your artwork or crafts, you need to have a brand. If you are an associate or direct seller, you may change companies in the future or that company you have chosen may go bankrupt. By building a brand you are building a hedge against the future.ds and first impressions are everything. You also want to make sure your image perception meets with reality. Do you claim to be the best widget maker? Then BE the best widget maker! If there is a gap between your business image and the quality of products or services, your brand will suffer and your profits will decrease dramatically!

You can take your brand wherever you go! Branding yourself is a fun and exciting process, requiring thorough analysis and strategic implementation. I wish you joy in this journey as you discover your unique identity!

Dana Susan Beasley, publisher and principal of AngelArts, helps fellow mompreneurs build their authentic brand identity through her online courses and mentoring. You can find her free video course on


  1. Very inspiring site with good information. I would love to share more with the group. With my book and my Blessings Unlimited business.

  2. Hi Dana,
    Great article with good tips to help us on our branding journey. So often, we need help from an objective person to help us sort out all our thoughts and feelings about how we want to present our company/business. It is good to remember our unique selling proposition – thanks for that reminder!

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