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A Valuable Lesson


Carey Scott - Raising Godly Children bloggerHave you ever had to step back and watch as your child suffered the consequences of a bad decision?  Do you remember a time that you’ve had to stand on the sidelines as they learned a lesson the hard way?

We’re doing that with Sam right now… and everything in me wants to swoop in and save him.

But I can’t.

My sweet, loving, compassionate son has misplaced a very dear gift he received for his birthday just a few months ago.  He loved this gift.  It was exactly what he’d asked for.

And now… it’s gone.

I’ve always told my kids, “Find a home for your precious things because then you’ll always know exactly where to find them when you need them.”

I live this way.

To be honest… if I don’t put special things back in their designated places, I will never find them.  I’ve lost too many hings by not sticking with that self-imposed rule.  You, too?

While he’s very responsible in many areas, the idea of “giving items a home” hasn’t quite caught on yet.  And because of that, his special gift is gone.

Oh, I want to just go buy him another one!

But sometimes… the worst thing we can do is rescue our kids when they have the chance to learn a valuable lesson.

This is one of those times.

As parents trying to raise Godly kids, we have to allow them to mess up.  We must be willing to hold our tongue as we watch them make decisions that could backfire.  We need to give them the freedom to try and fail.

If we don’t… how will they learn?

My husband and I have always agreed that we want our kids to mess up while under our roof, because then we are here to help pick up the pieces.  Having a front row seat permits us to give more thorough support or feedback.

What a privilege it is to be a mom and help guide our kids towards adulthood.

So as much as I want to rescue him, I won’t.

But I will be there to wipe away tears.  I will offer a hug when he needs it.  I will continue to pray with him, asking God to show him where he left his gift.

Sisters, sometimes we need to give that valuable lesson space and time to sink in.

What is your biggest challenge in allowing your kids “experiential” learning?

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