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Get On That Beam!


My daughter, Sara, is a competitive gymnast.  She’s 8 and has the focus of someone three times her age.  I’m continually amazed by her courage on all apparatuses, but especially the balance beam.

This piece of equipment is only 4 inches wide, and the things they learn to do on that amount of space blows my mind.  If you asked Sara if it’s scary to be tumbling on 4 inches while being close to 5 feet above the ground, she’d say, “Yes!

But she does it anyway.

She knows the risks involved.  She knows that one mistake could mean a lot of pain.  She knows she must stay focused and trust in what she’s been taught.  She knows she must be like Joshua who God told to be “strong and courageous.

The cool thing is that she is willing to put it out there.

I remember in her last competitive season, she fell off the beam in the middle of a performance.  Rather than cry or walk off… rather than get discouraged and give up… that bold little baby of mine got right back up and finished what she had started.

Through my tears, I was so proud of her!!!  She tried… had a fall… got back up… and finished.

We can learn from her.  Her simple act of courage speaks volumes.

For some of us, this isn’t a deal breaker.  We are realistic in knowing that we’re all going to fail.  So when it happens we just get back up – again – and climb back on the beam to finish our divinely choreographed routine (our calling).

For others… I wonder if you are even ON the beam?

What is it that God is calling you to do?  To try?  To risk?  To share?  Why are you still in the stands?  Get on that beam!

Rest assured that if you are breathing air on planet earth, you have a “routine” that God has choreographed just for you.

  • Some of you know what your calling is.  God’s been trying to get your attention for years but you tell Him “no.”
  • Some of you have an idea of what it might be, because you’ve got a check in your gut right now.  Will you say “yes” this time?
  • Some are still asking God, “Why am I here?” (keep asking!)

I never feel more alive than when I am working in my gifting… in my calling.  To be honest, it took me a long time to even get on the beam because I wondered how God could use someone like me to further His kingdom.

I wondered how He could look past… my past.  It was littered with difficult times and bad choices.

But I’ve come to learn He’s not looking for perfect, He’s looking for pliable.

Risk everything for God!  Get… on… that… beam!  Our Heavenly Judge is watching and I don’t know about you, but I want to score a “10″ on my earthly routine.  Don’t be afraid of falling, because you will fall!  Just get back up again…

And when our kids witness our perseverance and courage, they adopt it as their own.

Joshua 1:9 says “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Start stretching….

Carey Scott is an inspiration speaker and writer honest about her walk with the Lord stumbles, fumbles and all.  Her passion is to challenge women to be real with themselves, others and God.  You can learn more about her at or subscribe and follow her blog Let’s Get Real.  Carey lives in Colorado with her husband and two young kids.



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