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Outsourcing in the Kitchen & Beyond


Too busy to cook dinner? Outsource it! Not to the local pizza shop, restaurant, or cook, but to your freezer or crock pot! What…?

We hear all the time about how we need to outsource in our businesses — to virtual assistants, website or graphics designers, accountants, etc.  But your business isn’t the only thing you can get help with by outsourcing.

Think a bit creatively and you’ll find that there are options for outsourcing that will make your life easier.

Menu Planning:

Do you plan menus? If you have an older child who enjoys cooking or planning, ask them to help. Or put a suggestion box in your kitchen and let everyone contribute ideas. Then it’s easier to come up with your weekly/monthly menu to save time. You might also consider a service like where menus are mailed to you weekly (I subscribe to this).

Here’s a series of blog posts on CWAHM about menu planning:

House Cleaning:

You don’t have to do of the 100% cleaning yourself, Moms! Even little ones can help with a few chores. Create a chore chart and hang it on your fridge, then reward help. Chart Jungle has some nice ones at

Maybe it’s time to consider a maid now and then. You can check with a professional service or find a friend with a teen looking for some extra pocket cash (if you go the teen route, it helps to have clearly defined checklists of what needs done). Whether it’s once a week or once a month it may free you up to get more focused work completed.

Home Schooling:

If you’re a home schooling Mom, you know what a juggling act this is. I home school three. Understanding what a responsibility I have in my hands I know this is one thing that can’t be let go no matter what else doesn’t get done during the day. I put a lot of time into choosing a curriculum that would work for our family. I’ve chosen curriculums that are “open and go” style.  Each day my lesson plans are ready to go – I just open the guide book and then check off the worksheets/reading/etc as we complete them.  I know that I don’t have time to plan out lessons and dig through piles of books to find the gems so I’ve got curriculums that do that for us. We’re also enrolled in a charter program where I have access to a teacher for support and backup. For us, this is a great arrangement.

Know your limits and your passions and work to find the solutions that will save you time and help you stay sane.

Child Care:

It’s so important not to multi-task our children to the point where we’re always working or too busy to play or cuddle. But at the same time we need uninterrupted time to focus on our businesses. We also need sleep. There are creative ways you can find that balance.

Some ideas to consider: swap child care with another Mom, hire a mother’s helper (any young, responsible teens in your circle of friends?), call Grandma, find a good activity (Scouts, home school co-op classes, Karate/Ballet, or other activities work great to get your kids learning or moving and you an hour of free time).

Great Resources:

If you’re a “do it yourself” type person (I am), don’t do it alone. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my business has been not getting the resources to help me get things done quicker. I’ve invested a lot in the last year in coaching and programs to help me get to my goals.

By learning from others who’ve already done what I want to do, I save myself time (they know what works and I don’t spend hours searching Google or wondering if I’ve made the right choice), energy (frustration trying to decide what service to use or decision to make), and money (because I don’t invest in the wrong thing and have to switch later).

You may need a personal business coach or a quick ebook that covers a single task. Whatever you need help with, it’s okay to invest in the resources to help you grow faster.

Applying It:

Sit down with a blank sheet of paper and list out everything you do in a day. Yes, everything. Then list out what could be done by someone else.

It’s eye opening to see how much I’m doing that I could get help with, or that I could automate!

Don’t delegate what you can automate.  I wrote an article about this and you can find automation ideas here:

Make it a goal to find a way to get support or help with one item a week from your list of tasks.

You can find 2 free ecourses, links to my favorite ebooks and helpful websites, and some of the things I use to keep me on track and sane at:

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