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Simple Ways to Build Links to Your Website


Michelle Shaeffer - Making Business Simple bloggerHow many links are there to your website?

Every link is another opportunity for clients and connections to find you and your business!  Links also help build your website’s authority, credibility and search engine positions.


So are you looking for ways to get more links to your website? Of course you are.

Here are 10 ways you can get more links to your website:

1. Get listed in search engines.
Search engines are the starting point for most searches online so you definitely want to get your website listed in them.

Most search engines will find you if you’ve got links to your website from other sites. If you really want to submit directly you can visit each site and find the submission page, or use a website like I’ve found the quickest way to get Google to notice a new page on my site is to share it on Twitter.

You’ll also want to get listed in local search engines if you do any local sales/services.

2. Get listed in directories.
There are general directories like DMOZ as well as niche directories like EcoFirms (for earth friendly companies) and Technorati (for blogs). ÊFind the ones that fit well with the audience you want to reach and submit your website.

Here are some free directories you might consider submitting to. Some offer upgraded options so it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it. I haven’t paid for any directory listings but would consider it.

General Directories

Local Directories

Blog Directories

Green, Earth-Friendly Directories (only free for non-commercial)

Crafters and Artists

3. Comment on blogs.
It’s great for building links, traffic, and most importantly relationships!

Do follow blogs especially help you. And watch for ones who have the Comment Luv plugin. They’ll give you two links: one to your website and one to your latest blog post.

4. Exchange links with other websites.
You can swap links with other website owners. Exchange blog roll links, links on your resources page, or whatever works for you.

5. Be active on social networking websites.
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networks are an excellent way to build more links to your site.

If you’re a blogger, visit this post for suggestions on how to automate sending your content out to the networks: Blogging Like a Clover: Syndication.

6. Submit articles to article directories and other information portals.
A nice percentage of my traffic comes from articles that I’ve written and submitted to sites like,, and

EzineArticles & WAHM Articles are among a large group of ‘article directory sites’ where you can submit an article you’ve written and give permission for others to republish it. For example, I’ve submitted articles to these sites that ended up on sites like

I also submit articles directly to some websites, like Frugal Fun. Here’s one I’ve published there: Setting Up Your Home Office on a Shoestring Budget. SocialBrandWagon is another site I’ve submitted content directly to.

Many sites accept direct submissions and that can be a great way to get your content in front of the readers you’re looking to connect with.

You can also check out sites like and to share your content and build links.

The benefit for you is that you’re getting your content to a wider audience. The benefit for the directories and other web sites who publish your articles is that they’re getting quality content free.

I’ll be blogging more about article marketing later this month since it was a requested topic when I asked you want you want to read about. If you’re in a hurry, I’ve got a guide to article marketing here.

7. Use social bookmarking websites.
My personal favorite is StumbleUpon. You can also check Digg, delicious, and others. I notice that StumbleUpon can generate a significant amount of traffic, but it comes with a high bounce rate. Still, if 100 people click to visit and only two stick around to subscribe then then 2 seconds it took to bookmark on SumbleUpon was worth it.

If you want to follow me on StumbleUpon, here’s my page:

8. Guest blog post for other blogs.
This is one of my favorite strategies for getting in front of the audience I want to bring here. Since I work with work at home entrepreneurs I look for opportunities to post on sites that have that audience like,,,, and similar sites.

Guest blogging benefits you in several ways:

  • you’re reaching a wider audience to share your expertise
  • you’re building links back to your website
  • you’re establishing credibility

It also benefits the blogs you visit because in addition to getting your content they’re getting your promotion and visits from your audience. When I’ve had guest bloggers featured here on my site, traffic spikes as they share their guest blog posts and their followers stop by to visit.

So it’s really a win-win for both the blogger and the blog.

If you’re interested in guest blogging and want a step by step plan to follow, you’ll like my guide: Become a Web Celebrity with Guest Blogging.

9. Write and submit press releases.
Press releases can help you get media attention (obviously, right?) but they can also help you build links! Many online press submission websites are free and when you submit your press release you get a link back to your website.

Here are some sites you can submit press releases to (these offered free options last time I checked, but most require you to setup an account and will offer upsells so you’ll need to decide if that’s a good idea for the specific release you’re submitting):

You can also submit your press releases directly to news websites (like but please be sure they’re really newsworthy with an interesting angle before you do that. You’ll get more bites from the press by developing your own media list of contacts specific to your niche and/or local area, or going after interviews/quotes through a service like Help a Reporter. But the online press release directories can be a good way to build links to your site and get some press attention.

Want to learn more about press releases? Sign up for my free ecourse here:

10. Post link bait on your website like great freebies, tipsheets, lists, and other resources.
A few weeks ago I wrote about self care and linked to a free massage guide. I’ve also linked to other freebies and giveaways. Creating valuable content that you give away (either free with opt-in or just free to download) encourages others to share your site and link to you.

What can you create? Here are some examples of what I could create from the 10 Ways to Get Links post (the one you’re reading right now):

  • a PDF version of this post as a ‘special report’
  • a 10 day ecourse where each day I offer one strategy with tips on how to make it work
  • an audio version where I read this posts and turn it into an MP3
  • a YouTube video with a slide for each strategy and either voice over of me talking or just background music
  • a slideshare presentation with a slide for each strategy
  • an article that’s free to reprint (with credit to me)
  • an action guide that offers each tip with space to make notes and check it off as it’s done
  • a checklist of directories to submit to, adding check boxes

See how easy that is? These are just 8 ideas off the top of my head that could be done from two blog posts.

You’ve probably already got content you can turn into a cool piece of link bait!  Make it happen.

About the Author:
Michelle Shaeffer has been a work at home mom for more than 10 years and loves to share the tips and strategies she’s learned to help other home based business owners balance, manage, and market their businesses. Connect with her at

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