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The Truth About You


Tracey Eyester - Every MOMent CountsGreat job mom! I am amazed at all you are able to get done in one day! I mean really who else in the world can get as much done as you?

There is not one other profession that requires its employee to do her job, do it efficiently, with a good attitude and without daily recognition from co-workers while having several young people clamoring around her constantly wanting attention.

Ponder this…have you ever seen a corporate executive doing his or her job surrounded by children?  Stop and think about every other working person you bumped into today…were any of them juggling their daily tasks with their children under foot?

You manage a household, while training your children and if you have a home business to add into the mix that is proof positive that YOU ARE AMAZING! This co-worker in momlife wants you to know the truth of your value.

If you are feeling less than amazing I am here to ask you to change your thought life. I hear from a lot of moms who spend far too much time berating themselves.  Mom friend, please do not spend time beating yourself up over what you didn’t accomplish – focus on your successes.

Let’s get practical here for a minute, maybe your “to do list” is simply too voluminous. My friend over at Money Saving Mom has a wonderful practice of writing down five things she plans to accomplish in each day.  That’s it, five things.  She tries to get them all done and when she does she is able to feel the satisfaction of completion and I’m guessing that goes a long way in helping her believe that she is amazing.  The other day she managed four out of five and she simply added that one to the list the next day.  She is AMAZING!

I bet it is easy for you to believe that she is AMAZING isn’t it?

Well…you need to believe that about you!

If I had pom-poms I would even shake them for you because I want you to realize that YOU truly ARE AMAZING!

Did I mention that YOU ARE AMAZING?


About the Author:
Tracey Eyster is the creator and senior editor of MomLife Today and has served with as a writer for three years. Always known as the “fun mom”- she embraces that title and challenges other moms to lighten up and make memories because … Every MOMent Counts!  You can find her at

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