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Work Space Shuffle


Tracey Eyester - Every MOMent CountsIf you are reading this there is a high probability that you are reading it from your “work space” in your home. Raise your head up from the computer screen and take a look around and ask yourself, “Is this the best place for me to work and what does the space communicate to me when I see it?”

I hope it doesn’t tell you it’s time to get some sleep, because you are in your bedroom!  Just as you shouldn’t have a television in your bedroom, I don’t think that’s the best place for your workspace either. Bedrooms should be an oasis.

What about the family room – if the workspace is in the family room is that a good idea? That seems intrusive too.

Do you work from an area of your home that you are able to “escape” from when you are in mom mode and not in work mode?

I am asking you these questions because I have been asking them of myself lately. So hang in there with me while I process out loud with you!

We live in a small home and I continue to struggle with where to put my work area because I want to be mindful to leave the work ignored, out of the way and un-thought of when I am ready to set work aside and enjoy home and family.

My workspace is in the family room as that’s the perfect place when I am home alone. For me the issue arises when work spills into the family space and when everyone else is home.

In order for this to work for me I have to take some time to clean out my desk and toss out what’s not needed (which I just did, thus the idea for this post arose) and neatly file away the items that clutter my workspace. I enjoy using baskets as a great way to gather and store junk – er, I mean really important work items – and keep them out of sight at the same time.

Creating an inviting area of our homes to work in is important, but staring at it all the time with all the stacks of papers and projects could be causing extra stress and an inability to relax in our own homes? It could also unwittingly lure us to engagement with work when we should be spending time with our family.

We must remember…our home is just that – home! (And…every MOMent counts!)

I would so appreciate hearing where your workspace is and how you keep work at bay when you want to just relax and enjoy your home!  Please comment and share your thoughts and ideas too!


About the Author:
Tracey Eyster is the creator and senior editor of MomLife Today and has served with as a writer for three years. Always known as the “fun mom”- she embraces that title and challenges other moms to lighten up and make memories because … Every MOMent Counts!  You can find her at

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