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15 Minute Mom Fun!


Tracey Eyester - Every MOMent CountsThere never seem to be enough hours in the day – I get that.

But fifteen minutes could last a lifetime.beach play

As a work at home mom if you can make a habit of engaging with your children when they are seeking you out, I think you’ll be amazed at how far that fifteen minutes will go.

Children by nature enjoy moving on to the next thing, so you stopping for a bit does not have to be feared by you…because you think you can’t get back to work. The stopping and engaging, actually is just what you both need throughout your day. Giving your kids that fifteen minutes here and there to giggle, read, cheer, provide that “watch me” MOMent, make a snack together…or whatever else their need is, goes a long way towards a more cared for child and more relaxed mom!

If you were in an office, there would be someone walking by your desk that would stop to visit, the need to check on something with a co-worker, take a trip to the water cooler (where you would bump into chatty Kathy), or even the need to just step away for a bit to rest your eyes and your neck.

I say, embrace the blessed opportunity to have those breaks at home, when the kids are around and be intentional in how you take and make time for them.

An idea for each work day, plus bonus:

  • have a craft bucket nearby you drag out and get them started crafting
  • pull out the photo albums or ipad photos and start viewing them together and leave them to continue down memory lane
  • have fifteen minute story time with a chapter book a few times a day
  • have “writing time” together where you sit and do you work and they sit and write a story
  • play “school” and let them pretend you are the Principal, only to be disturbed when there is a “major” issue with one of their make believe students and encourage one interruption only, so tell them to come up with a good pretend problem – an excellent way to teach character while playing along
  • if they are old enough…kids love water, have middle of the day bathtime…just to play in the water, soap optional

Yes, your work is important, but those children God have given you are even more important, so keep looking for ways to remain engaged when they are home with you this summer!

Please share some of your 15 minute mom fun ideas with us!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tracey Eyster is the creator and senior editor of MomLife Today and has served with as a writer for three years. Always known as the “fun mom”- she embraces that title and challenges other moms to lighten up and make memories because … Every MOMent Counts!  You can find her at

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