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A Prince of Distinction


Kathy Swartzfeger - Successful HomeschoolingLast month I gave thought to raising girls. This month, I figured it was only fair to ponder upon the raising of  our princes. A Prince of Distinction, by Kathy SwartzfegerImages of my boys as they were young include magic tricks, science experiments gone awry, jumping off  high “towers” (a.k.a. the back of the couch) in a single bound, and unapproved pyro-technics in the driveway. Boys are indeed, very different creatures then girls- even when they have shared real estate in the same womb. Let’s take a look at some fundamental points of growing up godly men.

Let Them Be Active
One of our big opportunities as a homeschool is to allow our boys to be their boyish, active selves. Boys typically need interactive opportunities that stir their brains and move their bodies. Some- more than others- will need frequent breaks to be active during the school years. What a great privilege in a homeschool, that we can recognize how boys are wired and structure days to include as much activity as is needed! Are you peeling boys off the ceiling most days? Try increasing activity throughout  the day through play breaks- or maybe even bouncing out spelling words or memory verses on a trampoline.

Teach Them to be Gentlemen
Our children need to be taught a healthy respect for God and all those in authority over them. This is so crucial in the lives of our boys. Whatever happened to removing hats when in a church building, or when saluting a flag, or when participating in corporate prayer? Isn’t this still of value, even when our society turns up its nose at tradition and signs of respect?

Our rough-and-tumble scrappers should still be caught holding doors for their elders, allowing ladies to go first, and in general need a really good boundary established regarding where they fit in their world.

Encourage Them to be Protectors
God designed men to be protectors and providers. Little boys tend to act out being police officers, fire fighters, and doctors. Super heroes are a huge market in today’s movies, video games, and TV shows. This may not necessarily be a bad thing when good triumphs over evil (except when the comic book heroes of by-gone eras are being projected as having a dark side, a scantily-clad girlfriend, and bad language). Role playing is an important part of healthy development, but it sometimes becomes a danger when boys role play through certain video games. Some games are too graphic with violence or innuendo, and should not be received as an influence in any Christian home. Many households now have a variety of game systems, but as parents we need to keep clear boundaries regarding how long and how often our boys get to zone out in front of these games.

Guard Their Eyes
Boys need to shield their eyes from the violence they see, but of course, the shielding includes so much more. Pornography is so rampant and available these days. Women in provocative dress are in every possible public scene and goodness- we can’t even seem to watch a commercial for something as mundane as a breath mint without sex being sold. We need to do all we can as Christian parents to reinforce the worth of women. We surely need to emphasize the purity of our growing young men. Fathers, it is so important to hold mothers in high esteem.

Boys can be sweet and sticky, rough and tumble, loud and obnoxious. They are also our future leaders in homes, in the work place, and in our government. The raising of boys is not for the weak-hearted, but good news! God equips us to raise godly princes.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kathy Swartzfeger is a mother to four children, AJ, Melody, Sierra & Isaac. She has been an avid reader since her first opening of The Velveteen Rabbit- and a noted writer since winning a short story contest in the 2nd grade. Besides being a homeschool mom, Kathy is a Christian, a breast cancer survivor and a foster parent to several who call her “mom.” Her interests include singing, crossword puzzles, photography, and of course, copious amounts of reading and writing. 

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