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A Salute to Single Mothers


Takiela Bynum - Hope for Young Womentakiela-singlemomsRecently, my Christian journey led me to the path of single motherhood. Although my husband’s deployment to Afghanistan was temporary, the lessons God taught me throughout that period are ones that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I grew up in a single-parent home. Even though it was hard (especially as a child), I never knew what my mother endured until the day I dropped my husband off at the airport.

A few weeks after my husband left, our SUV had a flat tire, our daughter’s car battery died, and I rushed our oldest son to the hospital. The doctor admitted him into the hospital on our daughter’s birthday. She spent her birthday and the next few days taking care of her baby brother while I stayed at the hospital with our oldest son. That was only the beginning and things did get much worse.

This was only two weeks into my husband’s twelve month tour!

Being a single mother is no easy feat. It is not for the weak at heart. If you are depending on your own insignificant power you will be devoured. Only the perfected strength of God alone will carry you through those days that try to consume you. God never designed the family to operate with only one parent; however, sometimes life happens and we find ourselves in situations that divine intervention is required.

I’ve known since childhood the detrimental effects of growing up without a father, but now I know from a mother’s perspective. I saw firsthand how my children suffered and struggled without their father. Finally, I came to the realization that no matter how hard I tried, I could never fill his role; I could not be the man they desperately longed for and needed. God didn’t create me to be their father, and I had to learn to do the best I could as their mom and depend on God to do what I (absolutely) could not do…be a father to them. It was a daily struggle.

That period of time had to be one of the hardest seasons of our lives, but we grew and became stronger because of it.

Single mothers, I salute you. You are strong. You have made many sacrifices. You are often taken for granted, go unnoticed, and are under appreciated. You will go out of your way to ease the minds of your children. You protect and provide at any and all costs. You spend ample amounts of time to ensure everyone else’s needs are met while your own needs go neglected. You smile to keep the family from crying. You are brave, even when you’re afraid. You are one trying to do the work of two, sometimes forgetting you’re empowered by three. Single mothers, I salute you. To my own mother, Glenda N. Drake, I salute you.

Now that my path as a single mom has come to an end it left me more grateful than I have ever been for the father of my children (my husband).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Takiela Bynum is a speaker and author who has lived through unimaginable abuse, growing up in a single parent home, and becoming a teen mother. In God’s good and pefect ways, Takiela has the experience necessary to connect with youth on a deeper level. The Lord exchanged the ashes of her life for His beauty, indeed. You can find more info about Takiela on her site,


  1. Joy says:

    Thank you for this beautiful salute! Well done and well received.

  2. Takiela says:

    Thank you Joy! Blessings to you!


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