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Desperate Times, Drastic Measures


Takiela Bynum - Hope for Young WomenDesperate Times, Drastic Measures by Takiela BynumDesperation can lead to a critical state of mind. It is defined as reckless or dangerous because of despair or urgency, having an urgent need or desire, leaving little or no hope. Have you ever felt that way, felt desperate?

Peter was desperate. In Matthew 14:22-36, the Bible talks about the miracle of Jesus walking on water and Peter asking to join.

In this passage of Scripture, Jesus and the disciples have recently finished feeding the thousands with three fish and five loaves of bread. Jesus sent the disciples ahead of Him on a boat while He dismissed the well fed crowd. After He released the thousands, instead of joining the disciples on the boat, He went up on a mountainside to pray alone. By nightfall, the boat was a few miles away from the shore, being pounded by the waves and wind. Moments before daybreak, Jesus went to meet the disciples.

As He’s walking on the water towards the boat, the disciples become terrified, thinking Jesus is a ghost. Immediately, Jesus identifies Himself and tells them not to be afraid. However Peter wants proof that it was Jesus and makes a request. “If it’s You, Lord, tell me to come to You on the water,” he says. Of course, Jesus replies, “Come.” Peter, full of faith, gets out of the boat and starts walking on water towards the Savior of the world.

Once he was outside the false sense of security the boat provided, his perspective of the wind and the waves upgraded from bad to worse. Because he was up close and personal, actually walking on the water, the waves appeared bigger and the wind felt stronger due to the fact that the boat was no longer sheltering him from the elements. Actually, he became distracted by his surroundings and took his eyes off Jesus. When he focused on the elements, he began to sink. As he started to drown, he became desperate and therefore did something drastic, he called out to Jesus for help. He didn’t use flowery words, get down on his knees, or offer up a sacrifice – he simply called out to Jesus for help! Right away the Lord picked him up, brought him out of the water, and they returned to the boat. Once Peter’s focus was turned back to the Lord, the wind and waves died down.

Sometimes this happens in our lives too. It’s easy to keep your focus on Christ when everything is in order, going according to planned, basic needs are being met (job, money to pay bills, medication, eating, clothing, shelter, etc.) etc. As time goes on, we may develop a false sense of security in a job, a spouse, etc. All of a sudden a situation may come that uproots us from that familiar sense of security and our perspective changes. When that safety net is gone, our problems may seem bigger, even overwhelming. Unfortunately, during these times we may take our eyes off Christ and direct our attention to the current problems. We will start to sink and feel as though we’re drowning. It has now become desperate times and we need to take drastic measures. Call out to Jesus for help. The situation is urgent and we don’t have time to go through protocol or the proper procedure. Out of desperation call out to the Lord for help, drastically call His name. When you turn your attention back to Christ, the storms of your life will die down.

Problems will swallow you whole if you allow them. If your life has been upgraded from gentle rains to hurricanes you may be entering desperate times, therefore you must take drastic measures. Call on the Lord for help. Keep your focus on Him and He’ll keep you in perfect peace, calming the storms in your life.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Takiela Bynum is a speaker and author who has lived through unimaginable abuse, growing up in a single parent home, and becoming a teen mother. In God’s good and perfect ways, Takiela has the experience necessary to connect with youth on a deeper level. The Lord exchanged the ashes of her life for His beauty, indeed. You can find more info about Takiela on her site,

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