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Fun Bucket Saves the Work Day


Tracey Eyster, Be the Mom bloggerFun Bucket Saves the Work DayEver had one of those days, especially during the summer, where your kids need some entertainment and you have that deadline you are working on, or some multi-tasking that’s going on and you just don’t have time to figure out a plan for the kiddos?

Take the time now, just before summer is in full swing and fill a box with some fun activities that will keep your child engaged for a bit. Hide it in the top of your closet and allow it to “lay in wait” until that “Mom, I’m bored” moment! It will also be at arm’s reach on one of those days where you just know you will be less than amicable when your kids are in need and you will be able to quickly get your hands on some fun entertainment that will engage your kids.

When those days arrive you can grab something out of the box and throw it in your Mom’s Fun Bucket present it to your little lovelies and oohs and aahs will ensue!

Maybe you can even have your kids decorate a bucket in anticipation of the summer “Mom Fun Bucket” activities to come. A few ideas – construction paper and scissors, silly putty and a comic book, Play-Doh, Mad Libs, jacks, silly string, books on tape, some old favorite books they have not read in a while, old favorite movies they haven’t watched in a while, popcorn and a needle and thread, macaroni with glue and a paper plate, popsicle sticks and glue to build a bridge, puzzles, old fashioned etch a sketch, board games, Dots candy and toothpicks.

Whether the “Mom Fun Bucket” is used daily, or for special occasions you will be ready when you need it mom! Plan ahead and be prepared – love it when that happens!

Please share some ideas of what we could all put in our Mom Fun Bucket! Come on moms, we are all in this together!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tracey Eyster is dedicated to helping other mom’s realize that…every MOMent counts! Her trademark enthusiasm, encouragement and “get it done with a smile” attitude has afforded her opportunities for speaking, volunteerism and travel throughout the United States and abroad. She is the creator/editor of MomLife where she has gathered a diverse group of moms who are as fervent as she is about equipping others to thrive in their daily momlife. Tracey is passionate about sharing momlife experiences and strategies through her video interviews and writing where she is featured on several on-line communities. You can connect with her at She and her husband Bill live with their teens Samara and Westley on a ranchette in rural Arkansas.


  1. Kathy Hutto says:

    I LOVE the idea of a fun bucket! I’ve had some of those “I’m bored” moments happen already. Some other ideas for the fun bucket could be coloring books with scented markers, dominoes, and puzzles. I really love the movie/popcorn idea too!

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