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The Gift List


Joy Jochems - Single Moms BloggerThe Gift List by Joy JochemsSometimes, in spite of our best efforts, the sanctity of the holidays gets spoiled by frantic scrambling and cluttered hubbub and packaged materialism. We want to impress upon our kids “what Christmas is really about”, yet it seems that the focus inevitably and eventually settles on the festooned tree and the cloaked treasures it shelters (or for some families, the lack thereof).

Whether we have little or lots (and whether we’re adults or tots), we need a reminder, a “refocuser”, a gentle nudge (or a swift kick!) to get our hearts and eyes fixed in the right direction. It’s not an easy undertaking, and I definitely don’t want to do this alone. So will you join my family & me in making a new gift list?

We’re going to use the 12 Days of Christmas as our prompt. No, not the pipers piping and the maids milking, but the calendar. Traditionally, the first day of Christmas is December 25th (shocking, I know), and the twelfth day is January 5th.  You may want to devote a journal page to this exercise. Or hang a poster in a prominent place in your home and have the whole family participate. (What a conversation piece that would create!)

On Day One, record a solitary, unique gift that God has given. For example, I might list my only son. What’s a “one and only” in your life? Maybe you’ll choose something related to the birth of Christ, God’s Only Begotten.

On Day Two (yep, December 26th!), note a gift that comes in twos in your life. That’s an easy one for me: twin daughters!  Maybe you’re celebrating two years of something. Maybe you have a two-year-old. Maybe it’s simply your two children. Consider the “twos” in your life and recognize a gift of God!

On Day Three, write down a gift of God that reflects “three”. Perhaps you’ll list “The Trinity”. The possibilities are virtually limitless…and distinctive to each person or family!

On Day Four, a gift of “fours”… and so on, all the way to Day Twelve (January 5th) and a gift of a dozen. You get the picture. Brainstorm with your children and/or consider these in your quiet times with God (or both!). Bottom line: take note of the gifts. Not the toys that break and the trinkets that collect dust and the sweaters that don’t fit, but on the true and eternal and unique gifts from God.

As the holiday spirit wanes around us, may we be faithful to bolster gratitude and to continue to consider the abundant blessings and generous gifts of our God. May our praise never be seasonal.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joy Jochems has been in ministry literally her whole life. While Joy is actively involved with her local church as youth ministry coordinator and lends a hand at CWAHM as devotional coordinator and guest contributor, she recognizes that her primary ministry is in her home, to her children. You can contact Joy at

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