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10 Minute Touch Base


Tracey Eyster, Be the Mom bloggerIf you are a work at home mom I know there are times where your children are there and you need to figure out a way to work efficiently, but remain engaged with the precious ones God has given you to invest in daily.

As moms we recognize being an involved and engaged mom does need to be a priority in life. Spending time with our children and building relational equity with them will basically allow us to speak into their lives and we all want that blessing as they navigate the world around us. How can you seek intentional engagement if you have made the decision to also work at home?

As a work at home mom you have the amazing blessing of being “there” – but how can we really be “there” when we are working? Creative, intentional time management! I must say, I have long been amazed that when it comes to kids a little can go a long way.

May I suggest that it is as easy as an egg timer, or more convenient, the clock on your smart phone. Make time with your kids part of your daily schedule! Each hour set your timer and make a concerted effort to spend ten minutes of “investment” in your child. Yes, every hour, give you kids ten minutes!

If you were working in an office, no doubt there would be colleagues you knew you needed to invest time in to grow in your professional relationship. There would be visits at the coffee pot when a co-worker “appears” and needs to talk. There would even be unexpected hallway discussions.

These relationship builders in any office setting are expected and important in any professional’s day. As women who have chosen to stay at home to work, we too need to realize we have the privilege and opportunity to build relationships in our own homes. What a gift! Be intentional with that blessed gift!

To make sure you don’t get so engrossed in your work that you fail to connect with your family why not set a timer to make sure you do!

The long term benefits from family relationships provide much more important fringe benefits than office place connecting. And those fringe benefits involve building legacy – how cool is that?

What do you think? Do you purposefully make time for family while you work at home? What works for you to carve out personal time with family?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tracey Eyster is dedicated to helping other mom’s realize that…every MOMent counts! Her trademark enthusiasm, encouragement and “get it done with a smile” attitude has afforded her opportunities for speaking, volunteerism and travel throughout the United States and abroad. She is the creator/editor of MomLife where she has gathered a diverse group of moms who are as fervent as she is about equipping others to thrive in their daily momlife. Tracey is passionate about sharing momlife experiences and strategies through her video interviews and writing where she is featured on several on-line communities. You can connect with her at She and her husband Bill live with their teens Samara and Westley on a ranchette in rural Arkansas.

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