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Own Less, Work Less


Tracey Eyster, Be the Mom bloggerOwn Less, Work LessHave you ever noticed that sometimes we do what we do out of sheer habit? Early each year our family intentionally reviews what we are spending our time doing and why we are doing it. It has been eye opening as we each humbly are willing to recalculate and make changes, sometimes letting go of “good things” for “better things.”

As with all facets of our lives, even work needs to be assessed and re-evaluated on a regular basis to be sure we are indeed doing daily what it is God wants for our best and our family’s best.

How about you? Would you be willing to take a long intentional look at what you spend your time doing and why you are doing it?

I had a friend that did this exercise and when she “really” looked at her life she realized she could work less hours and spend more time with her family if they simply got rid of one of their expensive car payments. She and her husband hadn’t fully thought through the “cost” of two very nice cars. They sold one, bought a used car, changed a few shopping habits and she was able to work part time verses full time. Exactly what she preferred for that season of her life.

Her children were well pleased and didn’t mind one bit what they were driving, just that they were spending more time with mom. Precious are the years with our children and wise is the mom who is purposeful in how she spends the hours of her day.

The beauty of a life purposefully lived is that at various seasons in life we can step back, seek the Lord and assess, or reassess, our needs versus our wants and act accordingly.

After all, our kids want us way more than they want the stuff! Something to think about.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tracey Eyster is dedicated to helping other mom’s realize that…every MOMent counts! Her trademark enthusiasm, encouragement and “get it done with a smile” attitude has afforded her opportunities for speaking, volunteerism and travel throughout the United States and abroad. She is the creator/editor of MomLife where she has gathered a diverse group of moms who are as fervent as she is about equipping others to thrive in their daily momlife. Tracey is passionate about sharing momlife experiences and strategies through her video interviews and writing where she is featured on several on-line communities. You can connect with her at She and her husband Bill live with their teens Samara and Westley on a ranchette in rural Arkansas.

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