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Someone to Hold Me


hugMy special-needs son sometimes has obstacles in communicating his thoughts to us, and that occasionally leads to frustration for him. Today was such a day. His discouraged cries reached my ears, and I hurried to his side.

It wasn’t a time to try to “fix it” or figure it out. He just needed to be held. So I gathered up all 65 pounds of him in my lap, wrapped my arms around him, and let his tears soak my shirt. For those few, sweet minutes, I held him. Close, safe, loved. He relaxed (more like melted) into me and was soon ready to hop up and return to playing. Frustration forgotten, heart restored, love-tank full.

Are we so different?

Sometimes we’re misunderstood. Sometimes we’re hurt. Sometimes we don’t need someone to “fix it” or figure it out. We just need to be held.

As I held my son, I realized a longing in my heart to be held. Strong arms wrapped around me while I allowed my frustrations to melt out onto his shoulder. A place to feel close, safe, and cherished. Where I could get up with a refreshed heart and a full dose of love. But before I could feel sorry for myself, a faithful voice whispered to me:

I have held you before.
I hold you today.
I will hold you always.

I have someone to hold me. Correction: I have Someone to hold me. I can sit on His lap as long as I want, whenever I want. And He holds me so close. I am so safe in His arms. And I am so, so, so very loved.

More than I can even comprehend. His arms are strong. His shoulders are big. The Bible tells us so …

Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in Him,
for He shields [her] all day long,
and the one the Lord loves rests between His shoulders. (Deut. 33:12)

The eternal God is your refuge,
and underneath are the everlasting arms. (Deut. 33:27)

Now consider the other side of the story: that the one being held is not the only one who is blessed. In snuggling my son, I felt my heart resting, my concerns fading, my love overflowing. What joy it must bring to our Father to have us run to Him for comfort and security. For us to choose Him to hold us, for His to be the lap and arms we crawl into at a moment’s notice. I am overwhelmed with the prospect that I can be a blessing to God Almighty by simply letting Him hold me. Rest in your refuge. Let Him carry you. Lean into His arms.

You. Are. Held.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joy Jochems has been in ministry literally her whole life. While Joy is actively involved with her local church as youth ministry coordinator and lends a hand at CWAHM as devotional coordinator and guest contributor, she recognizes that her primary ministry is in her home, to her children. You can contact Joy at

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