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Celebrate Positivity! The Voice Water Bottle Giveaway


voice-waterbottleAs Christians and work-at-home moms, we know how important positivity is. I’m always on the lookout for positive, family friendly shows, movies and things happening in our media so that we can help promote them and let them know we want more Christian content in Hollywood.

If you’ve watched the tv show The Voice, you’ll know it’s an example of this. In fact, when Executive Producer Mark Burnett (The Bible, Son of God, Survivor, Shark Tank, etc..) pitched the show, he was told that a show that didn’t include humiliation would never work … but Mark went ahead and created the show specifically to ONLY build people up!

“One thing we know about The Voice is that families tend to watch together in groups- that’s really great. Anything that can be done to foster the enjoyment of families as a group, you know The Voice absolutely is young America’s show, and kids are dragging their parents to watch the show with them, its an uplifting show. People said in the beginning “you’ll never ever pull off a singing show that doesn’t have a humiliation factor”- that was totally wrong. America loves The Voice, it’s the #1 show and doesn’t humiliate anyone. The Voice is a great, family-friendly, uplifting show. 
“Everybody knows that I, and my wife Roma, spent a lot of time in churches, nation-wide with products like The Bible, and therefore we get to interact with a lot of people in the faith community. The faith community love The Voice. It’s a fun show, it has excellent music and its also safe, family-friendly programming. Very attractive to families nation wide.”
– Mark Burnett

We’re excited to have some water bottles to giveaway courtesy of The Voice!
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  1. Emily says:

    Its family-friendly. That’s hard to find now-a-days.

  2. Addy says:

    Love the different talent seen on the show as well as encouragement by the coaches.

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