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Do You Want Balance or Rhythm?


tara-pAstime2 a new business owner, I must admit I struggled with figuring out how to balance my life with my business. As a mom of two children, and someone who has her foot in the world of part time employment, it’s often been a delicate balancing act. There is always the question of how much time to give to my business, while making sure I am engaged and present for my children, while also being a productive employee. My life also includes having time with God, serving in church, staying on top of household chores, being a good friend and all the other many things that clamor for my attention. Last but not least, practicing self-care so that I am around long enough and able to do all that God has for me.

Try as I might, I’ve never been very good at the balancing act. Instead I always felt I was just barely holding it all together. Trying to achieve some sort of equal distribution of time among all the moving parts that make up my life was all consuming, frustrating and exhausting.

But then I had an “A-ha” moment. One of those where clarity comes to you and things just finally make sense. It happened in church when my pastor was speaking from the book of Ecclesiastes.  The simple yet profound statement he made went like this, “stop trying to balance your life and instead move with the rhythm of your life.”


Ecclesiastes, written by King Solomon, is one of those books in the Bible that is filled with practical wisdom about life, death, meaning, and work. It is also a book that clearly illustrates the seasons  of life and how everything has its own appointed time. This is something I knew, but did not always put into practice. I was going against the natural timing of my life. What I found was trying to balance things did not work for me. The more I tried to balance the more I was out of balance. When I realized I was working against the rhythms that my life was producing I was able to start to make the shift in how I approached time.

For example, when I started my business I thought I had to have traditional hours, you know 9-5, 8-4. In my mind this was how a real entrepreneur worked. For many people this type of schedule is perfect. It aligns with the rhythm of their lives, but not mine. Part of my frustration came from me trying to live, work and create under a schedule that was counterproductive. I had let go of this unrealistic expectation of time and embrace the fact that I worked best during the night time hours, when the rhythms of my house had settled.

I am also learning to pay attention to my personality and what feels most like me. I have never been one who liked for her schedule to be planned out every minute of the day. While consistency and routine are important, I have found that a simple things do list with the intention of completing as much as possible by the end of the day is effective. This has allowed me to be productive and open to what may come up in the course of a day making adjustments as needed.

What Else I Have Learned From King Solomon?

Seek God. King Solomon was known as a wise man and by today’s standards he is someone society would say had “made it”. For all his success, King Solomon understood that God is the center of life and without Him nothing else mattered.

Pay Attention to Your Inner Voice. I like to call this my “God Voice”. It’s the voice that always lets us know which way to go. It is only when we listen to voices other than our own and God’s that we get off beat with the rhythms of our life.

Be Present. Focus on this moment and be less preoccupied with what is behind you or what is yet to come. Seize the opportunities God wants to bless your life and business with by being in tune with what

Know Your Season. The different seasons of life are constantly changing. Live your life in sync with wherever God has you now. As a new business owner it’s easy to become envious of the success others are having, or to lose faith in our abilities because the success we seek is not happening fast enough. Stay focused on where you are at this moment and live well in this season. Realize there is purpose for where God has you.

Be a Good Steward of Your Time. The precious commodity of time was given to us by God. We must use it wisely by making smart decisions. Learning to discern when we may need to work more on our businesses, and when we need to rest. God may have given you an idea to grow your business, but now may not be the season for implementation. There will be times when our families require more of our attention and other times it will be less. Feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything; could be a call to slow down and eliminate the things that are not in sync with the current rhythm of your life. Remember everything happens in God’s timing, not ours.

When we embrace and live within the rhythm, a certain type of flow to life emerges. While life is not without its ups and downs, even the most difficult moments have a rhythm to them. Learn to find it and move with and not against it. Decrease levels of stress and frustration, periods of doubt and confusion by remaining steadfast in knowing that everything is just as it should be.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tara Pray is owner of, a site dedicated to providing ideas, information and inspiration for living your God inspired dreams.


  1. Debraca fletcher says:

    Well said! Your articles always inspired me thank you for listening to God’s voice


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