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Don’t Worry… Be Happy


tara4Many years ago there was a song by singer Bobby McFerrin which included the signature verse, “don’t worry; be happy”. In this toe tapping, feel good song, the singer encouraged people, through catchy lyrics, to not let the troubles of life get them down, but to instead focus on the brighter side of life.

In the pages of Luke 12:15-32(NIV) we find Jesus sharing this message with his disciples. He tells them worrying does not add any value or longevity to one’s life. We are reminded of God’s awareness of our needs and his ability to provide. Just as provisions are made for the birds and grass to thrive and prosper, the same is done for us.

A message spoken thousands of years ago maintains its relevancy in our world today. Stress, anxiety and worry are on the rise. Its impact is far reaching; affecting us spiritually, relationally, mentally and for many physically.

How often have you found yourself worrying about things that you have no control over? Have you ever spent hours agonizing over a situation only to feel worse than when you first began to worry?

Logically we know that worrying about a situation does not change it; and yet we still do it. Why is that?

Is it a lack of faith? Do we not believe the promises of God?

So what is worry? It is when we allow our minds to dwell on our problems and troubles. When we dwell in the place of worry, we continue to speak or think about a situation at length. We become stuck in that place; playing the same scene over and over again unable to let it go. It is essentially our inability to surrender to God whatever situation we may be facing. Instead we keep trying to use our own logic and  strength to find a solution. Worrying allows us create scenarios in our minds that may not have any validity to them. We try to predict the outcome of our problems even though we know we can’t.

In the passage in Luke, Jesus is commanding us to not worry about anything because God has everything already covered. He knows what is going on in our lives and businesses and He knows our every need.

The more we let go of worry the more we embrace our faith in God. It is surrendering whatever issue that is heavy on our hearts and minds to Him; acknowledging He is the one who in control.

Jesus gives three ways to handle worry:

1. Get a new perspective. Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them (verse 24). Cultivating a life of gratitude and thanksgiving helps to keep things in perspective. It reminds us of all the needs God has already met in our lives. Jesus also reminds us we are more valuable to God then the plants and animals he created and yet he provides what is needed for them to grow and flourish, so why wouldn’t he do the same for us?

2. Stay focused on God. But seek his kingdom and these thing will be given to you as well (verse 31). Keep God in the center not only in your life, but in your business too. By focusing and remaining in communication with God, we will be able to hear from Him and He will be able to guide us. Staying grounded in our faith, also reduces worry’s ability to take root in our hearts and minds.

3. Serve God and others. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (verse 34). One major source of worry for any entrepreneur is money. If money has you stressed out, Jesus calls you to change your focus. When profits become the most important aspect of what we do, it cuts us off from God and our customers. We honor Him when we operate our businesses from a place of service. Make sure your actions in the area of money are aligned with God. A heart of service pleases God and he will bless this in countless ways beyond money.

In business we will always experience ups and downs. Perhaps right now you may be thinking of a situation in your business that has created stress and anxiety for you. Maybe you have been  struggling with this issue for a while and the solutions you have tried have not worked. Or maybe you are worried about something that has left you feeling confused and unsure. Now may be the time to give it to Him.

Take comfort in knowing that a business dream given to you by God is one that will be blessed by God. While we may never be able to totally banish worry from our experiences; we must strive to not let it take a lead role in our lives. The question to ask ourselves when the feeling of worry comes knocking at the door is, “Do I want to dwell in the house of faith or in the house of worry?” because both cannot live together in harmony.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tara Pray seeks to help as many women possible live their God inspired dreams. She believes the dreams given to us by God are rooted in our life’s purpose. On her she provides ideas, information and inspiration to help woman live in the fullness of their dreams.

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