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How to Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom


shutterstock_263596010As a stay at home mom, you can actually make money, and you can make a lot of it. How crazy is that to think about? Perhaps you’ve always had a particular passion, but as soon as you got married, your passion got lost in the business of housework and taking care of the children.

It used to be that women didn’t work at all. They have been homemakers for centuries. They learn to knit, cook, bake, sew, milk the cows…that sort of thing. The man was always the one bringing home the bacon. But the world has changed. Times were much simpler in a lot of ways back then.

It’s a debate on whether times were tougher then or now. Different times provide different obstacles, and all are difficult in their own ways. What’s exciting about today’s world is that even in the harsh times where there isn’t enough money to pay the bills, a woman has the opportunity to pick up her computer, make money from home, and take care of the children at the same time.

Sell Things Online

A majority of women have something they enjoy doing or making. For many, that’s sewing or crocheting cute hats, scarves, mittens, lampshades or anything else you’re creative heart desires. The more unique, the better. Consider taking those arts and crafts you love doing so much, and sticking them up online to turn over a profit.

The opportunity to sell online is limitless. You can choose from hundreds of different outlets and you can sell whatever it is that you want. The beautiful thing about the internet is that the whole world is your consumer. There is a buyer for everything, the trick is doing your research to find the best niche for the product you’re selling.

Use The Internet As Your Platform

Think about it. Even as a stay at home mom, you have down time to get things done. Maybe you’re content with life and in between your child’s naptime you like to do the dishes or watch the latest episode of your favorite show, but that’s not the way it has to be.

You can be spending whatever down time you do have researching ways your current lifestyle is even more of a blessing than you think it is. The online world allows you to make any kind of business you want. You make your own hours, you invest as much as you want, and you make as much money as you want. You’re never stuck in a wage you’re not happy with. If you want to make more, you put more into it.

Just because you’re a stay at home mom doesn’t mean that’s all that you have to be. You could be a SAHM that is also a dance teacher, a home goods maker, a social media marketing expert, a writer, a pet sitter, etc.  You are amazing and your key to financial success is through running with the capabilities that online marketing gives to you. It’s your passion, the world’s waiting.

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