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Customer Service Matters


Customer ServiceAs a new online entrepreneur, I’ve had to learn as I go. Prior to starting my site, my technological skills were limited. I did the basic making calls on my cell, texting (rarely) and checking my email (maybe once a week.) I only went on the internet if there was a particular piece of information I needed to know; other than that it was rare for me to spend time online.

It is surprising to many people when they learn that I don’t have a Facebook account. The response usually is with a confused facial expression that communicates they think I am from another planet as they say, “But everyone has a Facebook account.”

Now that I am building, things have changed. I have been required to learn a new skill set and acquire knowledge on topics, that just mere months ago, I never even knew existed. I must say some of the challenges have been a struggle and frustrating. Sometimes when I am trying to figure out something I need to do, it feels like I am in Spanish class again trying to conjugate verbs (if you ever took Spanish in high school or college, then you know what I mean.) It feels like I am learning a new language, and in actuality, I am, the language of technology and social media.

So what do my limitations in the world of social media and technology have to do with the Bible? A lot.

Working online has been a training ground for my customer service skills to further develop. Customer service, evidenced by many scriptures verses, is about being in relationship with others. Whether the lessons are from Solomon in Proverbs 10:9 who writes about integrity or in James 2:8 where we are encouraged to love others as we love ourselves; the Bible is an authority on how we should treat people.

3d430f61-85c2-4b5e-a3ef-755d0c449bb2Here is an earlier experience I had involving technology and customer service:

A few months back I was sharing some information with my subscribers in my newsletter when I ran into some major snafus that I initially was not aware of. Somewhere between when I tested my links and sent the information to my email list, the links stopped working. Thankfully a subscriber was kind enough to inform me that something just wasn’t right in the world of

Acknowledge something is wrong. In the Bible, we are encouraged to go to our brothers and sisters and own any wrong doings we may have committed towards them. Initially, I did not know I had made a mistake in the setup of my links, but when I became aware I began to address the problem. It took a while before I could begin to work on the specific problem because I was two and a half hours away from home and I did not have my laptop with me. The most I was able to do was send an email to the person who emailed me. I acknowledged receipt of the information and apologized for any inconveniences. I thanked her for letting me know what was going on and informed her it would be a few hours before I could resolve the issues. She was gracious and understood.

Treat customers how you want to be treated and serve from the heart. People deserve to be treated with courtesy and respect. It took a couple of hours to fix the problems because I had to figure some things out and make changes in order to get what I needed to work properly. Even though those hours included moments of frustration and very tired eyes I was committed to resolving the issues. The customer who sent the initial email followed up to let me know that she was able to access the links and appreciated my response to the situation.

Think about the businesses you frequent and the type of customer service that is provided. Have there been times when you have encountered a rude cashier or a grouchy customer service representative on the phone? What about the times the sales person went above and beyond to deliver a great customer experience or the waitress who greeted you with a smile, enthusiasm and brought your food to the table piping hot?

Now when you think about those experiences, which do you prefer? Which experiences have been the ones that left a positive and lasting impression on you?

Do an honest assessment of your customer service skills and ask God to reveal any weakness in this area you may have. Some questions to think about include: What areas do you need to improve in? What areas of strength can you develop further? How can taking the posture of a servant’s heart help to bless your customers and your business?

Despite the fact that maybe all or a portion of our business is conducted in a way that limits the amount of face to face contact we have with people; how we treat them is still very important. It reflects the value we place on the products and services we offer and the people who are choosing to buy them. The type of courtesy and respect I want to receive when standing on line at the grocery store or talking to the teller at the bank is the same type I desire to give to my customers.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tara Pray seeks to help as many women possible live their God inspired dreams. She believes the dreams given to us by God are rooted in our life’s purpose. On her she provides ideas, information and inspiration to help woman live in the fullness of their dreams.


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