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Five Tasks You Can Outsource as a Remote Worker


shutterstock_325899806According to a report by outsourcing advisory firm the Everest Group, business administration outsourcing (BAO) is a more than $6.1 billion industry poised for rapid growth. Outsourcing has become a mainstream practice to help reduce costs, free up time and work more efficiently. But outsourcing isn’t just for big businesses and corporations looking for help overseas.

Work from home professionals can jump on the trend to help streamline their business for success. You can maintain a core staff small or keep working as a solopreneur with the help of an outsourced team. Here are five tasks you can start outsourcing today.

Administrative Assistance

Reclaim valuable hours from your work week wasted on research and data entry. A reputable company like Fancy Hands can help connect you with virtual helpers at a monthly packaged price. Choose the monthly hours you want, and submit the tasks you need help with. Fancy Hands assistants work on travel itineraries, data entry, research tools you need for your business and just about anything else you can think of. They can even sit and wait on the phone with your cable company to discuss an issue and patch you through when you need to give your information or approval.

Online Security

According to TransUnion, identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America and the number of identity theft incidents has reached over 9.9 million a year. Broken down, that number accounts to 19 people falling victim to identity theft every minute of every day.

Leave online security and identity theft protection to the experts. Laying low and hoping you won’t fall victim to the latest malware attack is a disaster waiting to happen. There are businesses that can help monitor your identity, alert you when new lines of credit are taken out or any other suspicious activity. The company can also help stop identity theft before the fall-out spirals out of control and restore your credit.


How many hours did you spend last month working on your books? Online company Bench crushes your bookkeeping overwhelm with virtual services starting at $125 a month. Get a monthly income statement and balance sheet from multiple accounts from PayPal to your credit cards and checking account. Talk with your Bench bookkeeper one-on-one to go over expense reports, give them access to your accounts to reconcile your statements and prep your financial statements for tax time.


You can’t learn graphic design overnight. Keep your branding looking modern and fresh by outsourcing it. Crowdsource your design needs and find a logo and branding identity you love with a money back guarantee. The crowdsourcing site 99Designs helps business owners connect with over a million designers by launching a contest. Post the details of your design needs and watch as designs and proposals pour in. Choose the perfect design for your business or get your money back.

Household Chores

Outsourcing isn’t just reserved for business tasks and number crunching. Hire local helpers from Task Rabbit to make a run for office supplies, fix your kid’s bike, get groceries or go across town to get a contract signed. Post just about any job on Task Rabbit to get help quickly and easily. Some of the site’s more popular tasks include home cleaning and handyman help with same-day service available. You’re not only outsourcing tasks you don’t have time for so you can focus on your bottom line, you’re also giving someone else the opportunity to build their own dreams and revenue streams.

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