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Five Ways to Handle Discouragement in Business


Sad WomanIt is unavoidable. Feelings of discouragement will be experienced as an entrepreneur but learning how to handle them is vital to the future success of your business. Discouragement if allowed to linger too long, can take you off your path. It can make it easier to throw in the towel on your business dreams. Discouragement can also shake your confidence to its’ core and make you second guess yourself.

So what does it mean to be discouraged?

Inside the word discouragement is the word courage. Courage is the ability to be fearless; to face anything that is dangerous, painful or difficult. Discouragement then is to be without courage. The courage that you once had has now gone away. You no longer approach your business from a place of strength and faith, but instead from a place of fear and hesitation.

But… it can come back. Discouragement can turn to Courage again.

In business your courage will at times wane. There will be moments and situations where feelings of discouragement are so overwhelmingly strong that you may not know what to do.

But God always know what to do. He can deliver us from the discouragement we sometimes feel. We can also do some things to help ourselves through these moments of uncertainty.

So what do you do when you feel discouraged? How do you handle it and not get stuck in a pit of potential despair?

Here are five ways to handle feeling discouraged: Exodus 6:6-9

Let go of what has happened. Perhaps you made a major decision for your business and it did not turn out as you had expected. Or maybe you have experienced multiple setbacks that have left doubting your abilities, questioning if being an entrepreneur is the right thing for you.  

What you may not recognize is that the feeling of discouragement is an opening for God to bless you in a new way; a way you may not even have imagined. That decision that now seems like it was the wrong one, perhaps is God’s way of creating room for what is to come.

But in order to receive his blessings letting go of your mistakes, the wrong turns and the bad choices is necessary. Letting go makes room for new things to show up. When we let go of what was, we no longer dwell on what went wrong but instead view them as opportunities for growth.

Take hold of God’s promises. The Bible is filled with the promises God has made to us. He keeps his word. When discouragement sets in, it is important to not only remember what God has said but to hold onto it and not waiver. Allow his promises to become an anchor for you during the ups and downs of business and a replacement for the feelings of discouragement that have taken root in your heart and mind. Joshua 1:2-3,6-9

Learn to persevere. Quitting too soon or making decisions from a place of fear or desperation blocks whatever God is trying to do. Persevere by building your muscles of faith, trust God and and stay in his will for your business. Keep moving forward even when you feel like you want to give up.

Surround yourself with people who share your same beliefs. A community of like-minded people will help you during your times of discouragement. They will encourage you, support you and believe in you. Talking to people who have met the storms of self-employment head on, can offer you valuable guidance and wisdom from their experiences. Be open to sharing your challenges and be equally as open to receiving what they have to share with you.

Spend time with God. Encourage yourself by spending time with God and lean heavily on him. Connect with him by reading uplifting bible passages seeking out his promises. Pray by talking to God about what you are feeling and ask for his wisdom. Worship him through song and dance; experience how movement helps to relieve you of feeling discouraged. Journal your thoughts and feelings, write down whatever wisdom God gives to you.

What are some other things you do during times of discouragement?


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tara C. Pray writes at, a site dedicated to providing ideas, information and inspiration for your life and your God-inspired dreams. She is also the creator of The Dream Makers Collective, a community of like-minded women providing support and accountability for your dreams.

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