8 Careers People With That Flair For Writing Should Consider
July 18, 2016 Home Business Articles

We all have talents that we grow into. Ones that we learn and develop much easier than the others. If you’re able to find and nurture that talent, it can feel like it’s the only thing for you. The only kind of work that can satisfy you. Being able to write well is one of those talents. But one that people underestimate. Many people will think that it’s only good for the pot luck of becoming a paid author. However, that’s not entirely the case. In this article, we’re going to look at the jobs where your flair for writing will be the main focus of your success.


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For one, you might underestimate the kind of role that written communication plays in businesses of all kinds. Lots of organisations have positions for people with those talents. Whose entire role is shaping how the company communicates on a day-to-day business. Handling the emails and written administration that comes into the office. Working the day’s social media and coming up with content to put on the site. Fond of the office environment and working alongside people? But you still want to use your writing talents? These positions can be perfect for you.

Content marketing

Perhaps you like the idea more of writing for public consumption than you do working in an administrative role. There are entire careers for people who like to write with different voices. For different clients and different audiences. Content marketers need to be able to adapt their talents to a whole range of different purposes. If you want a career that’s always offering a new challenge to your talent, content marketing can be the right career for it. If you really want to excel at it, you need to learn more about it, too. Not just how to write good content, but what constitutes marketable content.

Monetising a blog

If you have as much passion for discussing a subject as you do for writing, there’s potential for a career there, as well. Even if that subject is writing or blog writing, itself. Creating a blog and earning money from it isn’t so much a job. It’s a career (even a business) that you build for yourself. You need to work hard at developing a blog that people want to read and look for the companies that could pay for your writing space. If you’re creating content that’s popular enough, you can even start to develop content packages to sell. Particularly good if you have expertise to share.

Essay writing

Perhaps you don’t want your writing to be for the sake of marketing for a company, however. Perhaps you would be a lot more comfortable and happy writing whilst providing a service for others. There are as many industries that can use your talents in those regards. For one, there are a lot of students who need help with the research and skills that help their studies. Companies use talent like you to create the best essays, often paired with the kind of knowledge you’ve developed over the years.

Grant writing

Then, there are a lot of organisations who need the skills of a writer for their own gain, too. Grant writing can help you get a position with all kinds of companies. It’s particularly good for those who like to help organisations with good causes. Most charities and nonprofits get the majority of their funding through grants. You work with the people who run those organisations to help them better communicate what they need a grant for and how it will help. Grant writing can be one of the most fulfilling uses of your writing.


Then again, you might have a deep desire to stick to the creative side of your talent as well. A lot of people have the creative flair, but the desire to have a realistic chance of making money off it. Or perhaps they want to pair their talent and love of the written word with the inspiration and stories of other people. For those writers, there are a lot of celebrities and other people who want their talents towards telling their story. Ghostwritten books make up a significant portion of what’s on the market these days, so there is plenty of demand.

Technical writing

There are some careers that rely a good deal more on the writer’s ability to interpret. To communicate things better than the source material they work from. If that sounds like a talent you have, then technical writing can be for you. Companies develop products and technologies. Then they often run into the problem of not being able to communicate their uses well. Technical writers work with the developers and creators to make their products better understood. Often for the purposes of user manuals that the consumers need to use.

Newspaper columnist

Writing for newspapers and other publications takes a lot of determination. You won’t be getting invitations to write for any big national publications from the start. Instead, you often need to tolerate low rates of pay to work your way up for more local papers as well. Build your experience and your own brand as a writer. Then, you can specialise and move into publications that have more resources and perhaps more pay to offer you. Writing as a columnist or journalist is something that needs to be a passion of yours. Otherwise, it may not seem like the work is entirely worth it.

We hope that you’ve been able to spot something on this list that seems like the job you can do. Never underestimate your writing ability. We’ve barely scraped the surface of jobs where written communication is the name of the game. Transcription writers, advertising copywriters, the list goes on. Just remember to keep honing your craft to make it a talent that can land you the job. Once they’ve found their position, many with the talent are happy to find and stay at a place they get paid for being able to write. Hopefully you find that some time soon.

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