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How to Find the Work You Love — From Home


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Everyone dreams of being able to create their own schedule, to work from home and to make family time more of a priority than chasing a paycheck, but how do you make this happen? There are plenty of opportunities available to those seeking to pursue their passions and leave behind the 40-hour work week in a stuffy office. Deciding what route you want to take may be the hardest part of beginning your new career from home. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Focus on Your Skills

First, take a look at what your skill set is. Are you a great sales person? Perhaps you have always had a knack for writing. Are you a type-A personality who is highly organized and has strong management skills? This will enable you to begin to evaluate what jobs fit your personality. Working with assets that you already possess — rather than learning new skills to take on your new career — will allow you to launch for a stronger foundation. Working from home can be stressful at times when not surrounded by a team of co-workers to ask questions of or look to for support. Using your strong suits to find a job that will come to you effortlessly and without a strong learning curve will set you up for success from the get-go.

Research Your Possibilities

Once you have determined what skills you have to offer, begin to explore your possibilities. If your strong suit is sales and marketing, you may want to look into starting your own sales business with a direct sales company, like Amway, or becoming part of a sales team. There are a number of ways to participate in a sales team from making cold calls to moving product to managing a sales team.

For those wishing to pursue a writing career, begin a blog. Start by writing about what you know. This allows you to create a portfolio of writing samples to apply to some of the freelance writing websites available to contributing writers. But beware of sites that will want you to pay to become a member — there are free sites that will get you off and running with your freelance career.

Pursue Your Dreams

The hardest part of taking the plunge away from a 40-hour work week is believing that you can do it. There are thousands of people who work from home, enjoying the comfort and time with their family that it affords. All it takes is setting yourself up for success and knowing that you will succeed. You can start small if it seems a bit intimidating in the beginning. Consider taking a college course to further hone your talents and read blogs and forums of people who have made a similar move. The more energy you put into the thought of your success allows you to visualize it and make it happen. It may take some time investment in the beginning, but it will pay off when you are reaping the rewards just months after starting your new career.

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