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Home Business Tips: How To Separate Work & Personal Life


One of the biggest problems home workers face is trying to separate their work and personal life. It’s tough – especially if you live in a small home with not much space to create an office environment.

It puts a lot of pressure on everyone, and you need to be careful that one aspect of your life doesn’t infringe too much on the other. In today’s guide, we’re going to reveal some of the key points you need to consider and put into action. Follow them and you can avoid many of the problems home workers face.

Lay down some ground rules

Start by laying out your priorities, including work demands and family time. Both are just as important as the other, and it’s vital to have some rules in place. Working from home can lead to a flexible work life, but at the end of the day, you have to earn money. If your family’s needs encroach on your ability to make a living, or vice versa, there will be troubling times ahead.

Separate working areas

If you have space for a home office, this is easy. If you don’t, you’ll have to dedicate a corner of a room to your business activity. There’s a lot to think about. You’ll need enough space for a comfortable chair and desk, for a start. Then there are files, computers, printers, shelving and all kinds of other business equipment. You may also have to consider some storage elsewhere in the house, especially if you are selling products online, for example.

Use a mail forwarding service

There are several advantages of using a home mailbox service. A more prestigious address looks better for your business, of course. But also, it helps separate your business mail with your personal letters and bills. Some mailbox forwarding companies will even open your letters for you and scan them, before sending them on in an email. It’s a good way of keeping your personal and business lives as separate entities.

Use different bank accounts

You don’t have to separate your business and personal accounts by law – but we firmly suggest you do. It can be an administrative nightmare when you combine all your money together, and you will irritate your accountant. Not to mention waste a lot of their time – which they will charge you for, of course. So, keep things separate as much as possible and you will be able to keep a better track on your cash flow.

Keep some time aside

With work and family commitments overlapping so much, you might find you have no time for yourself. It’s vital that you do, however, as it will give you some recovery time. Put aside a few hours a week to spend socializing with church groups or friends. When you work from home, it can be an isolating experience. Your family can help, of course, but it’s important to talk to people over the age of four every once in awhile!

We hope these tips have helped – feel free to share any others you might have!

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