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How to Relocate Without Interrupting Your Home Business


Owning your own business is stressful. Moving is stressful. Doing both at the same time can feel like you are setting yourself up for disaster — especially if your business is run out of your home. By taking a few precautionary actions, you can make moving a breeze and not experience a single hiccup in the process. Here are a few tips to make relocating your home office less stressful.

Protect Your Assets

To protect your assets you will want to secure your home office in the moving process. If you have the original packaging that your equipment arrived in, utilize it to transfer everything from your current home to your new one. If the original packaging is unavailable, thickly pad your equipment with bubble wrap to prevent any cracks, dents, scratches or any other potential harm. Tape any cords to the outside of the packaging or wrap them within to make sure they do not get misplaced in all the moving hustle and bustle. It is also wise to backup any of your computer’s important information onto a cloud-based software or site before moving your computer, as sometimes unplugging and jostling your computer can create data loss. If you already use an automatic backup software, make sure it runs a backup the morning of your move.

Move With a Plan

As your own boss and working from home, you need to create a work space that is conducive to productivity. Before you move, it’s important to have an idea of how you want your home office set up so you don’t waste time and energy on it when you arrive. If you’re moving to a city with small apartments, like NYC, having a plan for your home office will be even more important. When searching for a new apartment online, use a site that offers full floor plan views of your potential new home. That way you can plan and organize your home in a matter of minutes instead of attempting to do it amidst stacks of boxes. Planning how to get the most out of your space will make moving a breeze. It will also be helpful if you are using a moving company to help transport your stuff. It takes the guess work out of it for them and you when you are able to hand them a map of where everything will be placed.

Be Move-In Ready

Before moving in, make sure your utilities, like high-speed internet, are up and running so that you are ready to get back to work as soon as you can. Explore your options of services in your new living area and don’t assume that transferring your current service to your new address will be the easiest and best option. There may be faster service providers with better rates at your new residence. You may want to let any of your clients and/or co-workers know that you are moving and to be prepared to have a lag in communication. It may also be beneficial to set an automated email response so that the communication is available to potential and inquiring clients as well.

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