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Reasons Why Children Do What They Do – Part 1


question markQuestion: Why does my child ask the same question multiple times in a row?

Answer: Children repeat their questions because they want to drive you to the brink of insanity and then giggle as you fall over the edge. Or maybe, because they are so young they are impatient and expect an immediate answer. If you fail to answer in the 2.2 seconds allotted they will repeat the question for your benefit, we are old after all and could use constant reminders.

Solution: Tell your child(ren) from now on you will only answer a question that has been properly phrased and asked one time and remain consistent to your word. True to form this is not a behavior you can anticipate ending anytime soon. My own mother tried to ground me for this very action just last weekend. Being grounded to my room does not seem like such a punishment anymore.


Question: Why do my children wake us so early on weekends?

Answer: Children wake up before the sun on weekends because sleep is overrated. Parents do not remember the youthful joy of waking up with the birds and kids are here to remind them of these simple pleasures.

Solution:  I have found with my children the later I put them to bed the earlier they wake up to force me into a zombie like state. Changing their bedtime to earlier usually rectifies the situation. Start in half hour increments until you find the bedtime that works for your family. Please keep your coffee pot on standby until you have found the best bedtime.


Question: Why do my kids look at me, acknowledge what I say, and then do the exact opposite of what I asked of them as if they didn’t hear me?

Answer: Your little hatchlings have mastered the art of selective hearing and responding in the appropriate manner. Sadly, the actual chore or request was lost in the mix because you may be asking for too much or your request may have been too wordy.

Solution: Rebooting their brain or applying your request to their command prompt is not currently an option, instead try keeping commands short. Instead of: “Ashlynn after you finish your homework I need you to sweep the kitchen, but we are going to eat dinner first, I think I am going to make chicken and pasta.” Your little girl is thinking boom, boom, boom, brain overload. Try simplifying to “Come find me when you’re done your homework, I have a chore for you.” At that point, you can request she sweep the kitchen.


Question: Why does my child whine for food and then only eat two bites before they claim they are full, even when I make their favorite meal?

Answer: After cooking for thirty minutes with kids undertone, you find empty plates decorating the table because many little ones have yet to decipher what their body is actually telling them. Also, they want to contribute to the economy by replenishing the pantry and fridge on a daily basis.

Solution: Instead of being hungry little Max might just be thirsty, try a drink first. Another option is too many snacks makes a child unlikely to eat well at meals. For a while, with my mini me’s, I had to remove all snacks and only allow food at meal times. This trained their little bellies when to be hungry and meal times were less of a waste of MY time! You will find an added advantage of more snacks in the house for you to eat while hidden in the closet or behind a locked bathroom.


Question: Why do all my kids follow me into the bathroom?

Answer: Your toddler’s desire for more chocolate milk is far more important than your need for privacy. Of course, could be because your little follower has had you there for pretty much every bathroom experience they have ever had. First, you changed their diapers, then toilet training. Inadvertently, potty time has turned into a social event. Potty for two, or three, or four, please!

Solution: Uncouth guest can be deterred by a lock, which of course, will insight knocking and a string of “Mommy, mommy, mommy?”. If this is not something you can tune out, I would suggest repetitively explaining that since your children are now in charge of their own bodily functions you should be granted the same courtesy. Any requests should be denied for the day if they are requested while you are on your throne. Give it a few weeks, maybe months, or even years, but eventually, they will stop following you to the bathroom.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Adrina Palmer is a stay-at-home-mom to three wonderful children and a wife to an amazing husband. She has a bachelors degree in Religion from Liberty University and is currently writing her first novel. Adrina is a Christian hoping to help other stay-at-home moms find the joy and simplicity as a mother and wife. In her free time she enjoys many crafts, writing, spending time with family, and reading. She would love to hear from you!

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