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Becoming More Spiritually Connected To God


prayIf you are pleasing to God in every way you know how, it becomes easier to connect properly with Him. Growing in your relationship with God means getting to know Him better, and to love and obey Him. Here are some of the ways you can strengthen your relationship with God, and become more emotionally and spiritually connected to Him.


Seek intimacy with God, and listen to Him. Strengthen your prayer connection by developing a passion for it; this will help you to overcome any distractions, and means you will be motivated to meet God in prayer often. Many of us were taught to fear God, but when we pray we don’t have to be afraid of Him. We can pray with confidence that he is generous and kind, and loves us as we are despite our sins. The more you pray, the stronger a connection you will build.

Read The Bible

Getting to know God will help you grow closer to Him, and so it’s important to study the written word of God. Find out what he likes and dislikes. What makes Him happy, sad or angry? What does he value and what does he think is foolish? You will find all of these answers in the Bible. Try to read your Bible daily through a reading plan, you can find lots of them online. Find one that’s most suited to you, your lifestyle and your journey.

Embark on a Spiritual Growth Program

Spiritual growth programs provide an opportunity for personal growth and spiritual transformation, which allows you to become more connected to God. CORE Gap Year for example is a nine month Christian gap year program that you can complete after high school. It is focused on discipleship, experiential learning, and developing emotional maturity. There are a range of different programs available so you could find one that suits you, and the journey you hope to undertake.


No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs are, it is unanimously agreed that meditation is the key to connecting deeply with God and can actually be even more effective than prayer. Many researchers have found when you experience something in mental imagery it is both psychologically and physiologically similar to experiencing that same thing in real life- and so this practice can allow you to feel closer to God. Even the Bible encourages meditation; scripture uses two different words in Hebrew to express this idea, and together they are used almost sixty times in the book. There is nothing at all wrong with meditating, it takes nothing away from prayer and is a simple way to be able to listen to and connect with God.

Help Others

Helping others and assisting those less fortunate is a huge part of the Christian faith and something that you as a Christian are likely to want to do as much as possible. But helping others can strengthen your connection with God too. Hebrews 13:16 states ‘do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.’

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