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Top 5 Productivity Tips For Working at Home


Multitasking mother with her daughterBeing productive is important because you cannot support yourself unless you are willing to work for your salary. Even self-employed business people have to work hard. Fortunately, working from home is now possible in certain professions. Freelance writers, data entry experts, artists, and bloggers are good examples of people who can work from home. Doing so has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, people who work at home are more likely to procrastinate than those who work in the office. This kind of behavior can limit their productivity severely. Here are the top five productivity tips for working at home.

  1. Plan Your Schedule Carefully 

A schedule is important because it keeps you focused on the task. You will not stray into something else when your schedule indicates what you should be doing. Make sure that it is realistic because you will not adhere to it if it is not. For example, it should take into account break times including breaks for lunch, supper, or breakfast. It should also make sure that you have enough time for rest. Do not overwork yourself.

  1. Be Strict With Your Family and Friends

Your home is a place where you would welcome visitors, make them tea, and then have a conversation with them for hours. An office is a place where visitors are the exception and not the rule. Your friends should understand that if you work from home, then your house is both a home and an office. That means visitors should only come on specific days and at specific times. Your family members should also give you the space you need to work because if you do not work then the overall household income reduces.

  1. Prepare Your Work-space

You may be working from an office desk at home. You may also be working at the kitchen table or on the couch. Just remember that your work-space is wherever you work. It should be clean, tidy, and free of distractions. For example, you should not have game consoles lying near you when you work. You should also keep you phone away from you so that you do not focus on chatting with your friends. You should also make sure that your work-space looks inviting so that it would be nice working from there. This kind of serene setting encourages you to sit down and work.

  1. Build a Network of Like-Minded People

Working from home may be a unique experience for you. It may also seem strange to your friends and family members. You should reach out to people who understand you and your work. These like-minded people are likely to be people who engage in the same work as you. Share ideas with them, learn from them, and encourage each other. They will help you when you are feeling low and vice versa. This network also provides you with a competitive environment. In other words, you will feel challenged when others make more money than you do. Because of that, you will work harder than you are working now.

  1. Sleep Well, Eat Healthy and Exercise Regularly

You cannot work all day every day. You have to rest at some point in the day. Doctors recommend at least eight hours of sleep each day. Do not push yourself too hard or you your body will shut down completely. If it does, then your productivity levels will plummet considerably. Additionally, you should also eat well so that you have enough energy to work. Without a balanced diet, you may fall ill easily and as such, you will not be able to work. Finally, a sedentary lifestyle leads to obesity. Avoid these kinds of medical complications by exercising regularly. Doing so refreshes your body allowing you to work more than you are working today.


Author Bio

Ivy Norton is a mother of 3 and founder of She’s a passionate mommy blogger and focuses on providing parenting news, tips and advice.

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