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Dino-War Part II (A.K.A. DWII)


First, read my last article on Jurassic Basics. Go ahead and do it now; I’ll wait.

[sound of whistling, Brad checking his Facebook]

Great, you’re back. I’ll sum up the issue: Your kids are caught in a war between mainstream ‘pop’ science and true science. On one side, there is mainstream media driving the science that reflects our culture and promoting to your kids that humans are evolutionary flukes. On your side, is actual science based in fact and pointing toward our world being designed.

The war rages, and many dads are caught unprepared for the fight. In my last post, I talked about how to arm yourself with truth to give kids hope. This article is about defense. How to deal with some of the tired old lies your kids are hearing through school and media.dinomistake

But Brad, I’m not an über-nerd. I don’t know that much about dinosaurs enough to combat what my kids see in the media!

Don’t worry. It’s actually very easy to poke holes in the main evolutionary arguments. As a dad, you’ll see that kids are naturally curious about real science and already dubious about some of the things they see on TV or hear at school. Which brings me to my first point . .

Teachers aren’t scientists. Most teachers are average people that have a job teaching. In most cases, they didn’t graduate with a degree in a scientific discipline. Many teachers have an education degree and have only taken a few basic science courses; usually in something like “Applied Science” . . . which was most-likely taught by a professor with a Masters degree or an Intern; i.e. also not a scientist)

Neither is Bill Nye the Science Guy or many other ‘scientists’ you see on TV. They are actors.

So, it turns out, you have just as much science credentials as actors or most teachers.

I can make it easier on you by giving you a simple version of some of the nerdy facts that poke holes in the evolution brainwashing. First, let’s start with the difference between “Natural Selection” and “Evolution.”

Natural Selection: Think of a horse-like-animal that wants to reach the soft, nutritious, and yummy leaves of a tree. The ones with the longest necks get all the yummy leaves. As a result, they are stronger and healthier, so they get the pick from the herd as their ‘mate.’ Their kids inherit long strong necks, and out of those youngsters, the ones with the longest necks get all the great leaves . . .

You keep repeating this for several generations and you get a Giraffe.

Evolution: A cow mysteriously and accidentally turns into a Giraffe.

Pretty simplified; that’s true. But Natural Selection is when an organism adapts to the environment. Evolution is when an organism totally changes into a different organism.

Here are some other easy ways to poke holes in evolution and strike a serious blow in the dino war:

Law of Diminishing Complexity. It sounds complex (yuk, yuk), but a good example of this concept is a human eye. If one component of a human eye ‘evolved’ into something else, or changed its function . . . then the eye wouldn’t work anymore. Eyes are a system of interconnected parts; if one changed, then the whole system wouldn’t work. A simpler example is of a mouse trap. If one part of a mouse trap evolved, then it wouldn’t function anymore.

Global Trait Similarity. Here are some other big words. But what it means is that animals all over the world have some of the same patterns and traits to their genetics and behavior. In Australia, male birds show off for lady birds with exotic colors and song. In Iceland, male birds show off in the same way. If evolution was correct, animals separated from each other by oceans and great distances would evolve differently. But they don’t. So it’s easy to ask why animals adapt the same way all over the world. It’s a point that evolution side-steps because it points directly to a design and ‘master plan’ . . . which would mean that there is a Designer and Master Planner.

Radioactive Carbon Dating: To get the idea of ‘millions and millions of years,’ pop’ scientists will measure how much radioactivity is in fossils. Radioactivity is present in living things and will slowly disappear over a period of 50,000 years. And that is the fallacy. Scientists have a ‘measuring tape’ that only goes back 50,000 years. The other years are just a made up number. So mentioning that our best and most accurate dating methods only go back so far is a good thing to point out to your kids.

The idea of having this knowledge is to prompt your kids to think on their own. And the natural progression of thinking is that they will start to question things. Acknowledge that you don’t have all the answers, and teach your kids how to be suspicious of the ‘same old’ message of millions of years and ‘evolved from,’ etc. Then, point them to the Bible to give them hope and real truth.

This is shaping up again to need an extension on this topic. We’ll schedule part III for the near future. But to close out this portion, I want to share a practical example of the Dino-war that just happened recently.

Here is an example of an article from January from National Geographic, a publication that most teachers would accept for research:

This ‘scientific discovery’ was actually trending late last year on FB for several days. The headlines described a discovery of fossil evidence of a monster crocodile-like animal . . . that proved an evolutionary link (over millions and millions of years or course) to our current crocodiles. If you read this article, you’ll notice some really neat information and pictures. You might also notice a few phrases that I will clip here:

“Although the recovered remains are fragmentary,”

“In our interpretation,”

I looked a little deeper into this discovery and the actual fossil evidence recovered was of a few bone fragments, the largest being less than 12″ long.


The Dino-war is real dads. It’s up to us to help our kids know real science and ask good questions.

Ok, before I go, since I was looking at several articles on the monster Crocodile, I want to share another quote I read from another website about this discovery.

University of Edinburgh paleontologist Stephen Brusatte, who was not involved with the new study, told National Geographic : “This is a neat new discovery from a part of the world that hasn’t been well-explored for fossils.”

He has great credentials . . . but he was “not involved with the new study”! Wow.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Brad Washburn is a father, husband, and Director of a Christian counseling center in Tampa, Florida. He has helped hundreds of people over the last 15 years. In particular, he desires to see fathers be “men after God’s own heart” — a description of King David in the Bible who was a lover, fighter, sheep herder, and harp player . . . .
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