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4 Tricks To Making Your New Novel A Success


To be able to write a story from start to finish that is compelling and draws you in is a talent. It’s a talent that not many have, so if you have it, you must nurture it. If you’ve dreamed of becoming a best-selling author, you’ll understand the credibility that comes with such an achievement. You’ll know that your writing and your imagination as well as your skill has given you something that most people keep for a bucket list. As an author, you are responsible for your own success and if you are someone who wishes to be successful you have to work at it.

With the range of social media platforms available, authors have never been more able to get their voice and their work heard. You have an unlimited opportunity to reach an audience and the potential to be successful is huge – it just takes grabbing it with both hands. Making a novel a success takes a lot of work and with these four tricks, you could be the next big thing in the written world.

  1. Use the Internet: Finding your audience is important. Research the genre of book you are writing and find out where you should be marketing your work towards. Knowing your audience is so important and you need to put yourself into their shoes. What would you want to read about? What tone of voice piques your interest? You need to write about what you would be interested in reading – otherwise, how can you expect anyone else to want to read it? Use the internet to learn about what your potential audience wants from a good book, then make it a great one.
  2. Judge It: Everyone says not to judge a book by its cover, but the cover is what attracts you to a story. It’s not always the blurb at the back or the actual chapters that count but how the book looks. You want to appeal to the audience and match the story to the cover of the book. Using Adobe Spark’s book cover maker, you can create a cover that matches the story perfectly in the way you always envisioned it. Judge your book and make the cover one that is impossible to put down.
  3. Know the Competition: Research those who are writing in a similar style to you. Don’t see their success as your fight, but as something to learn from. Read their stories and make a note of how their audience has reacted. Do some blanket market research online or in the streets to find out what people want from the genre you are writing. Go with it. The audience is your profit!
  4. Advance Copies: Capture the attention of bloggers and send them advance copies of your books to review. Always send to bloggers with a large audience that will be heard – it’s an effective strategy for success.

Your book weaves a world that you created and being successful in promoting what you have created is an achievement that most people dream about. Don’t dream it. Live it!

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