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A Guide To Making A Spiritual Comeback


A spiritual journey can be full of ups and downs, not to mention unexpected turns. It’s normal to backslide a little on such a tremulous journey, so you should never beat yourself up if this has happened to you. The important thing is that you’re here, wondering how you can make a spiritual comeback.


Start A Conversation With God

Making a spiritual comeback isn’t as hard as you think. You shouldn’t worry that there’s no coming back from it. By simply starting a conversation with god, you can begin to make your spiritual comeback right away. Many people do this by praying. This is definitely a good way to get back in touch with god. However, this is all down to the individual. Whether you want to do this at home or at church is totally personal. Ask for forgiveness, and know that it is given. God does not hold grudges!  


Take Baby Steps

No matter what you’ve done, or how badly you’ve backpedalled, it’s easy enough to take baby steps and get back to where you were before. Instead of looking at it like one long journey and getting overwhelmed, break up what you need to do instead. By breaking it up into baby steps you’ll find it so much more manageable, and it won’t seem like you have such a long way to go.


Head To A Retreat

If you feel it would benefit you, take a break. You can search for a retreat center to help you get back to where you were before. You’ll be able to enjoy delicious food, time with like minded individuals, seminars, and amazing facilities. Time in one of these places can really help you to get back on track.


Surround Yourself With Likeminded People

Time for new...Surrounding yourself with likeminded people is going to help you to make your comeback easier. You may not be able to cut off people who don’t have the same views as you completely, maybe they are family or maybe you work with them. All you can do is continue to follow god and live for him, and you’ll set a shining example. Visiting church regularly will allow you to meet likeminded people. There are many groups and meetings you can look into attending too!


Avoid Things That Set You Back

You probably know if you have any triggers and things that tend to set you back. Avoid these things as much as possible. It could be worth confiding in a friend who can help to keep you accountable. If you feel yourself slipping, aim to become more mindful. Maybe pray or meditate, whatever helps you to stay grounded. Observe your thoughts and figure out what’s making you feel this way. Take yourself out of the situation if you can. If you have addictions, for example, then staying out of situations that trigger you will help. However, you may need to get professional help if you still struggle.
Making a spiritual comeback needn’t be scary. By simply following the steps in this guide, you can get back on the right path straight away.

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