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An Unexpected Source for Your Passion and Calling so You can Create a Thriving Business


Dana Susan Beasley, Branding for Success bloggerSuccess. You want it. More than anything, you want a thriving work at home business. One that gives you the freedom to stay with your children, to be debt free, to enjoy life and most importantly, contribute to God’s Kingdom.

So how do you achieve this wildly successful business? Through authentic branding. Authentic branding is like a magnet that draws your ideal customer to you. Because you have a unique message to bring to the world. You have something valuable to offer that people want, need, and desire.

How do you find this authentic brand, your own unique identity? Here’s an unexpected clue that you may not have thought about:

Your childhood!

Let me explain. Years ago, after I had graduated from college, I purchased the book, “What Color is Your Parachute.” With this book’s guidance, I wrote about achievements from my childhood and turned them into skills for my resume.

This idea stuck with me when a few years later I participated in a career assessment seminar hosted by my workplace at that time, The Navigators. I realized that my childhood experiences were key in determining my passions and callings.

Looking back, I was always doing something creative or adventurous: I wrote plays and led my classmates into acting them out; I was writing a novel at age 10; by the time I was four, I had traveled the world in a camper with my family; I was making magazines; I was composing songs; I was holding lemonade stands and selling candy; I was playing school which included making a class roster, creating the assignments, doing the assignments and grading!

All of this makes sense to me now as a creative entrepreneur and homeschool mom. But there was one huge piece of the puzzle that until now had been untapped:

I was also a huge fan of Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings. In fact, by the time I was 16, I had created my own world, my own language, my own history and started to write a fantasy trilogy. When I was in grade school, my friends and I would go to the mesa behind our backyard and play Narnia.

Later, when I was in my 20s, I taught my oldest nieces and nephews this game. They taught one of their cousins.

Now flash forward 20 plus years. My son is 16. He loves fantasy. His cousin, the one I mentioned above, loves it, too. Likes to make boffer weapons. And fence.

So last January when he and his wife were talking about it, we decided that we would teach my homeschooling club how to make swords and do ditch battling. It was a big hit! My son started to make more and more swords and got really good at it.

Then we had this idea: why not turn my homeschool group into a LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) club for homeschoolers?

So here we are the next October and that is precisely what we’re doing! We are turning our passion into a calling which is attracting people because this club is VERY much needed and wanted. In fact, it is a ministry. And what are we doing? Making boffer weapons, creating stories, acting them out, sewing costumes… In short, we’re having tons of fun and getting paid for it!

Now that’s no doubt the strangest case study you have ever read, but it’s a true and genuine one! We are building this club on an authentic brand identity and it’s now gaining momentum! We are so excited! It’s wonderful to have people come to us over the moon about what we’re doing!

So how can you use your childhood experiences to energize your business? Write at least three stories of achievements from your childhood. What does that say about your passions? What might God be calling you to? Step out and have fun with it! You’ll never know what adventure that might take you on!

And one thing’s for sure—it will lead to authentic branding which will lead you to success!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dana Susan Beasley is the creator of an online training program called Brand Identity Quest and helps Christian families create sizzling brands so they can build dazzling futures. A graphic artist, writer, and homeschooling mom to a special needs son, she is the owner of AngelArts, an arts agency and publishing house. Its purpose is to inspire audiences to reach for new heights in their lives and beyond through excellently-designed publications and products using original art and literature. To take her free mini-course, 5 Steps to a Wildly Successful Home Business, click here to start now.

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