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Awesome Jobs That Are Family-Friendly


Every good Christian wants to be a good parent. In fact, a Christian that takes their faith seriously intends to be a good person overall. However, as parents, our kids mean the world to us, and there is nothing we wouldn’t do for them, and that includes finding a new job. In today’s society, it isn’t easy to have a career and be a doting parent. Employers demand long hours, and some just aren’t flexible when it comes to the work-home dynamic. The result is that a lot of us have to deal with the fact that we can’t be there for our kids until the clock strikes five thirty. If only there were another way.

The good news is there is another way – find a job that is family-friendly. Here are the careers and positions which place a lot of emphasis on their employees’ well being. How very Christian.



Most of us have a friend who is a teacher, and we know all of the juicy gossip. We are aware just how hard it is to play politics and teach at the same time, and how kids love to misbehave. For the most part, we think ‘I would never do that job’ and silently thank God we don’t have to go into the classroom every morning. The thing is, though, teaching isn’t a bad profession from a parent’s point of view. Sure, there is a lot of work during and after class, but the weekends are free and not every family gets to spend quality time together. Plus, the holidays are great. There is also the fact that schools finish early. That means a teacher can do the school run and take care of the kids until dad comes home. Then, it’s time to finish off that marking. It sounds a little hectic, and I’m sure it is, but it’s an option.



Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a job where no one dictates anything? You know, like being your own boss? Well, we can all become our own bosses if we take the plunge and start a company. In fact, I bet we all know someone who has had the guts in the past because it is becoming a popular road to follow. Why is it so popular? It’s down to guides like ‘20 Tips on Starting a Lucrative Home-based Business’ and ‘8 Tips for Staying Productive While Working from Home.’ In the past, starting a business didn’t seem viable because we didn’t know where to start. Nowadays, it seems like the easiest thing in the world because we have all the info we need. And, there is more chance of turning it into a success. More money and more time at home? Where do I sign?!



If shouldering the responsibility sounds like too much hassle, there are plenty more ways to work from home. Freelance is one of the most lucrative because it is an age-old profession. Whether we have a passion for writing or just for giving our expert opinion, some businesses want to pay is for our services. And, we can do it all from the comfort of the living room. The writers among the audience also have another option – blogging. The term ‘blogging’ is super popular these days because the demand for online content is huge. As such, websites will pay for bloggers, or independent ones can start a site and piggyback off their traffic. All the while, we are in control of the hours and when we start work, so we have more time with the family.


Office Work

Sorry if this one seems vague but there is a reason. The reason is that employers around the world have flexible working hours – we just have to find the ones closest. They tend to be office jobs because it’s easy to catch up on work in an office-based environment. A surgeon, for example, can’t decide when they want to operate. The paperwork, on the other hand, will always be there waiting for someone to give it the once over. A tip: look for flexible hours because that’s the most important feature. A company that lets a worker start late or leave early for the sake of their kids is a quality place to work.

Yes, combining work and family life together is never easy, but it is possible. With these jobs, the average parent can concentrate on their career as well as their family.

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