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Cool Careers For Super Moms


If you love spending time with your kids and you think you have a great handle on what it takes to be a brilliant parent, you might want to consider incorporating this into your career. Rather than just working to pay the bills, you can make a difference in the lives of children other than your own. There are lots of careers that provide this possibility, some of which can be completed at home, so let’s start there.

Personal Tutoring

You can work from home as a personal tutor, providing services to children that need a little more than what their school is providing. The benefit of working as a private tutor, of course, is that you can complete it as a little side hustle. Or, you can turn it into a fully fledged career. It’s entirely up to you and will depend on how much time you have.

To do this, you’re going to need to choose what subject you want to tutor in. You should choose a subject that you either have prior experience in or that you excelled at in school and through your studies. Don’t forget that if you have a proper qualification, you will be more attractive to parents who want nothing but the best for their kids.


Alternatively, you can work as a teacher, and there are a few differences between this and tutoring. Firstly, you probably won’t be able to complete this career from home. Although, we promise the day is coming when teachers will be on a screen rather than at the front of the class. In fact, in some of the classes in America, this type of teaching method has already been introduced.

Secondly, you’ll be teaching a whole class rather than individuals. This can be more stressful as you need to make sure that each student is getting the level of support that they need. You’ll probably have to develop methods of engaging the class and ensuring that everyone takes part. That said, you will be providing a vital service to the community because most places desperately need more teachers.


Of course, it is possible to provide a more personal level of care to students through counseling. To take on this career, you’ll need a school counseling degree. You can study school counseling online, while you’re still working from home, building up your knowledge and skill. Eventually, you will be in the position where you’ll be able to enter real life scenarios, working with students through their issues. It will be up to you to help them with personal issues and combat the problems that they might be having at school.


Finally, if you love sports and working with kids, you can combine the two and take the position of a coach for a local team. This is a job that you’ll probably be able to complete in your spare time, and when you’re not at games, you might even be able to work from home.

Any one of these careers would be perfect if you want to spend your day working with kids.  

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