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Everybody is a Rock Star


Do HiRes-superwomanyou remember the movie, “The Incredibles?”  It’s one of my favorites.  A few things stand out about that movie:

#1  When the bad guy, Syndrome (Buddy Pine), says to Mr. Incredible, “If everyone is Super, then no one is”.  I think he was really hurt when Mr. Incredible told him (when he was young) that he works alone (“Sorry kid, I work alone”). So, he grows up and becomes a genius inventing super powers that he can control.  It seems that nowadays, everyone can do that too:  We can ALL become a Rock Star with a little help, of course,  from Garage Band, iTunes, You Tube, etc.  We can all self promote, self publish, and get a million hits on our website.  We can all be bloggers too! We all are in effect Rock Stars now.  I wonder, then, are we realy?  My answer to that is, yes and no.  On the one hand, I believe that for those of us who follow Jesus, yes, we are His beloved little Rock Stars.  Just like when my sons put on a Superman  Cape, they ‘were’ Superman.  They were my little Supermen, running around, jumping off couches & trying to fly, saving the world from the bad guys.  They were cute to watch and I smiled a lot.

I also knew, as their loving mom, their limitations: I knew they weren’t really going to fly, or always catch the bad guy in real life.  Jesus loves me just as I am, warts and all.  My crazy schemes to help marriage improve, to  save the world or whatever.  I know He loves me as the child I am: cute, funny, immature at times, distrusting at other times, and usually wanting to please Him, my loving Parent.  Just like my sons were when they were little rock stars in my eyes.  {They are now just bigger, older, but they’re still my little big rock stars!}

On the other hand, we are all NOT Rock Stars.  We all put our underwear on the same every morning.  At the end of the day, we all go to bed, hopefully surrounded by loved ones.  As a wonderful friend pointed out to me, “at the end of the day, what does it matter if I am a Rock Star?  My husband, children are what REALLY matters, not being a famous Rock Star.”

#2 Elastic Girl forgets who she is at one point and Edna, the delightful designer, has to slap her and remind her: “What are you talking about! You are Elastic Girl! Pull yourself together and remind him of who he is and remind him of who you are!”  We often forget WHO we are and WHOSE we are.  I am MY husband’s wife.  I am God’s child.  I have everything I need in God. Edna ends her pep talk with style: “Confront the problem and win, win, win! Then call me for lunch darling, I really enjoy our time together.”.

#3 Our incredible strong husbands sometimes feel like they have to ‘go it alone’.  I think men have a harder time asking for help.  Mr. Incredible says, “I’m not strong enough. I can’t lose you again.”. His loving, kind wife gently points out that he “doesn’t need to be strong alone: “For better or worse; If we work together you don’t have to be”  But of course, Mr. Incredible says in classic male style: “But I don’t know what will happen.”  Men are the ever ready protectors of us, their wives, their children.  They like to be positive too.  The ever optimistic Mrs. Incredible responds: “Hey, we’re super heroes, what could possibly happen?”  Then, scary music starts and the bad guy shows up.

So, ladies, are you behaving like Mrs. Incredible?  Are you reminding your man that he is incredible also?  That you trust him, that you believe in him?  And while you’re at it, don’t forget to remind yourself of WHO you are and WHOSE.  


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Pam Bass is a wife, mom, and licensed Christian counselor, who has helped hundreds of people over the last 23 years.  She desires wives especially to be cognizant of the way the American culture can influence our stated Christian values.  Through her blog, she hopes to encourage women (in particular) to  know and trust what God tells us in His word.  Find out more at

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