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Have a Vision


Msuccess or failureost of you are working from home because you had a vision.

What was your vision when you started?

To be home with your small children, or to have a flexible schedule in order to have time for your family?

For extra finances?

As an outlet for creativity?

Mine began with the desire to be a stay-at-home mom. A year before I got married I was in a friend’s wedding. She had a family she knew make the dresses for the bridal party. When I went for the fitting for my dress I saw this family’s home sewing business setup. A vision birthed within me. I could do this too!

At the time I was working in convenience store management. Though I had received many promotions at work I knew this was not what I wanted once I got married and started a family. However, due to health and financial issues with my mom I had only completed one year of college, therefore I felt my options were limited because of lack of education.

When I returned from the wedding I shared this vision with my mentor and future husband. At that point it was just an idea. A year later, soon after I was married, Love Stitches by Naomi was birthed. It was a slow start. I kept my day job for the next three years until our first child was born. Then I cut back my work for the stores to 20 hours a week, as my business grew. By the time my second child arrived 19 months later I cut my hours at my day job down to 10 a week. Today, after more than 7 years in business and with the addition of a third child, the business has grown into more than what I had dreamed possible.

Do you have a vision for your business? Proverbs 29:18 tells us that where there is no vision, the people perish. Apply that to your business. It is too easy to go through the monotony of the days putting one foot in front of the other, not thinking about why we are doing this thing.

Revisit the Vision

Like all of you I have hard days, when deadlines pile up, the children are cranky, I don’t get enough sleep and I think I want out. Discouragement creeps in. And I start praying “Lord please I can’t do this. I don’t have the strength.”

He reminds me of the vision. Why did I start this business? It was because I wanted this life. I wanted to be home. And He reminds me of what the other option would look like. This is what I picture…..

At 6am I would rouse three sleeping children, rush them into their clothes, and hurry them through a bowl of cereal. Leaving the kitchen with the breakfast mess by 6:35 I would be packing them in carseats,  off to daycare for the next nine hours. At 3:30 or 4 I would pick them up from daycare only to have to go grocery shopping before I return home. Then scramble to make dinner for a family meal with my husband when he gets home from work at 5:30. When the dinner dishes are cleaned up the nighttime routine would set in, baths, storytime, and off to bed only to start all over again. I cringe at the thought.

That could have been my life.

When you get discouraged, when you think that working at home with children is just too hard, ask God to revive your vision. Why did you start working from home? What was your dream?

Lord, I bring you my business. You gave me a vision of being home with my children. Out of that this business was born. Keep that vision at the forefront of my mind. Remind me continually of the blessing it is be home. Amen


About the Author: Naomi Fata is a small business owner, operating a sewing business, Love Stitches by Naomi, out of her home. She is passionate about encouraging other moms who are looking for home based employment. Naomi is also the author of Beyond Head Knowledge; Knowing Christ who Satisfies our Hearts. In all things, whether through writing, business or homemaking, her vision is that God’s love would shine through. She is married with three children, and will begin her homeschooling journey in the fall of 2015 as her oldest begins kindergarten. You can connect with Naomi at her blog, facebook, and twitter.

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