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How Your Brand Can Effortlessly Draw Your Audience


Dana Susan Beasley, Branding for Success bloggerdana-attractionClient attraction. It’s a buzz word these days that if you’re like me, you see everywhere.

And we see it everywhere because it is, indeed, a very important strategy. And that is where branding comes in.

A good brand distinguishes you from the crowd. On the Internet especially, it is so easy to get lost. It’s kind of like cookie cutter homes. Every time I drive through one of these neighborhoods, I get disoriented because every house looks alike!

Think about a custom house, though. Doesn’t that stand out in your mind? Aren’t you unconsciously drawn to it? Isn’t it more memorable in your mind?

This is just an analogy but a very effective one. Your brand needs to be customized to your business, to your Unique Selling Proposition. A one-size-all logo that looks like everyone else’s logo is not going to help you distinguish yourself from your competition. You will be lost in the crowd!

So when you have a customized brand, tailored to your mission, vision, and values, then you will attract customers to you.

This is because you will understand your target market and you will create a brand image that appeals to them. But a brand is more than a logo. It is the message that you are communicating. When you have clarity in your message to your audience, then what you have to say creates a resonance. You become attractive and they want to find out more.

It’s the difference between pushing and pulling, between a rubber band and a magnet. A good branding program will serve as that magnet that will attract prospects to you rather than you having to pull them in.

I think of one of the worst sales experiences I ever had. I received a cold sales call from an SEO company. In fifteen minutes, the person gave me her pitch. She asked me some questions and gave me compliments. But she didn’t know her audience, because as I was talking to her I was Googling her company and found very negative comments. When I started telling her no, she started insulting me. This is a horrible sales strategy and reflects poorly on your brand if you choose to treat prospects in this manner.

Now contrast this to a teleseminar I attended a few years ago. I was compelled to go to it because I was desperate for the information. The call was transformational; not just for my business, but for my life. I was attracted to the product that was being sold because I had developed a connection with the business owners. I wanted what they had to offer. They did not chase after me at all. I chose to do business with them.

So if you want to experience that much-needed and much-hailed client attraction, start with your brand and customize it to your specific company. Then you will have success as a home business owner!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dana Susan Beasleythe creator of an online training program called Brand Identity Quest, helps Christian families create sizzling brands so they can build dazzling futures. A graphic artist, writer, and homeschooling mom to a special needs son, she is the owner of AngelArts, an arts agency and publishing house. It’s purpose is to inspire audiences to reach for new heights in their lives and beyond through excellently-designed publications and products using original art and literature. To take her free mini-course, 5 Steps to a Wildly Successful Home Business, click here to start now.

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