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Is It Possible To Get Ahead In Healthcare When You Don’t Have A Medical Degree?


graduation capFor many of us, a medical degree to become a doctor simply isn’t attainable. You might not have the money, or you might not have the time. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a meaningful career in healthcare. After all, moms are very experienced at taking care of people! If you’ve found this is your passion, don’t let anything get in your way. You can get ahead in healthcare, and you don’t have to be a doctor to do it.

Back To School

Healthcare, like many other industries, changes all the time. If you haven’t studied for a while, why not consider getting back to the books? You’ll be able to bring your certification up to date. Learn about the latest innovations and legislation affecting your area of expertise. Perhaps most importantly you’ll give your confidence a boost.

You can take courses like the BA Healthcare online. Studying for qualifications like this give you up-to-date resources and information. You’ll learn about the legal and ethical issues you might now face in the workplace. A course at this level will also give you the training and skills you need to become a confident leader in your role. This is ideal if you want to get ahead in your career. The letters after your name will make you stand out as a candidate for promotion. You might achieve a supervisory or managerial role in a healthcare center or practice.


Finding Your Niche

The term Healthcare encompasses many different areas. You need to find your area of specialism so you can work to succeed there. If you love working with children, why not consider taking a role or work experience with children who have additional needs? Perhaps you have some experience working with dementia patients and can develop your career in this area?

With so many choices, you might not yet have it all figured out. That’s OK. Part of getting ahead in your career is taking on the roles and opportunities that come along. It might be that one of these takes you in a direction you hadn’t yet considered. Who knows where your passions lie until you get there to find out?



When you’re looking for those opportunities to explore new areas and get ahead, networking is the key. Meeting people just like you looking for the career boost they need can help a lot. Attend seminars, workshops and lectures about topics that interest you. Ask questions, and introduce yourself. If you have something to contribute, do so. It can all help you to be noticed.

Networking can also be done online. FaceBook groups and forums are a great place to meet people who have something to say about the career you’re looking for. You might visit for advice, or you might have a specific question to ask. Find out who has the biggest voice and develop a connection.



If you’ve been out of work for a while, it can be very difficult to get that first job back in. Temping is enormously helpful here. You might not be paid at quite the rate you would hope for, but you can start work almost instantly. Once you’re in, you can network with people in that department or even others. Best of all, you’ll have access to the internal recruitment board. As new roles come up, you can put yourself forward for the opportunity.

Make sure you are subscribed to receive latest jobs postings from your favorite recruitment websites. Choose specialist providers as you’re more likely to see genuine opportunities rather than fishing ploys to boost an agency’s books. Always check out hospitals and practices websites to see what opportunities they are posting.



Of course, heading back to work when you’ve been a full-time mom can be quite the culture shock. You’ll naturally worry how your kids are coping with you not around. It’s impossible not to worry or feel that touch of guilt. Juggling your mom time with your career time isn’t easy, but with trusted childcare provision in place, you can relax a little more.

Quality time with your kids is crucial when you have to work away from home. Try to stick to strict schedules, so you all know when you’ll be together again. It helps to have a strict routine too. You might find you are studying hard in the evening, working all day, and struggling to have those quality moments with the kids that you want. Many employees recognize the need for parents to have that family time so don’t be afraid to ask for it when it’s needed. Good luck with your new career!

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