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My Best Marketing & VA Tweets Throughout the Years


Diana Ennen, Virtual Marketing bloggerTwitter BirdRecently I found a way to download all my Twitter posts. It was so easy. All I had to do was log into my twitter account – click on Settings – go down to your twitter archive – click request and BAM — It’s done. You then get a Excel Sheet with all your tweets.

Then what you want to do is in the column with your tweets, do a Sort by A-Z and then all your tweets will be together by hashtag and description so you can easily see them and review.

This is so great because now you can create new material (I’m making images from some of my tweets,) and also get a feel for the tweets you’ve done. This sparks the creative juices to write new and improved ones as well.
Now that I have year’s worth of tips, I thought I’d share some of the best with you.

#PR Tips:

#PRTip – When you see a title of an article that really captivates your attention, write it down. That can lead to a great title or subject line down the road. In fact, keep a list of titles you like. You’ll be so glad you did when the time comes to come up with a new title for your article or blog posting and you just tweak from your list.

#PRTip – Keywords are so important and consistency is too. Use the same keywords repeatedly in order to improve your SEO rankings. Be sure to use those same keywords in the blog titles.

#PRTip – Getting an award is definitely newsworthy enough for a press release. It’s good to “shine the light” on your accomplishments. And remember share these releases with your followers so they can see all you are up to.

#PRTip – Always double-check your website links and preview your release before you hit send. Also, when possible, add in a keyword-driven description under your logo.

#PRTip – Keep samples of the releases, articles, media, etc., you write in a spiral-bound notebook or three-ring binder. Often the language can be similar and it really helps to see the previous ones to help write new ones.

#PRTip – Don’t put too many website links in your press releases. Only add the main supporting links. Too many links can distract those reading the release! Also, all these links should be yours.

#‎PRTip‬ – My top recommendations for sending out a press release are eReleases, PRWeb, OnlinePRNews and 24-7 Press Releases. It’s important when you write a release to get the most traction from it and I find these work the best.

‪#‎PRTip‬‬ – Need ideas for headlines for your blog postings, articles, newsletters, etc, check out major magazines and their headlines for their stories inside on the covers. Which ones catch your attention right away? These magazines have mastered the art of getting you to look inside so see how you can apply the same principles to your marketing.

#PRTip – Don’t be a one-pitch wonder. Keep in mind, often people need to see you numerous times in order to connect and recognize you. Build those relationships.

#Book Marketing Tips:

#BookMarketing Tips – Avoid having your book launch too close to a holiday or other event that might take attention away from it. Also, if planning ahead on dates, consider all that needs to be done prior to the launch and plan accordingly. Be sure to add in a little extra time for those unexpected delays!

#BookMarketing Tips – Some books are perfect for different holidays. Remember…the media likes to interview unique guests and, if you have that book and are that special guest, get out there and let them know about it!

#BookMarketing Tip – Remember, marketing begins way before the book is finished. Complete most of your marketing before that book launch so, when the book is ready, you are too!

#BookMarketing Tips – An aggressive press release campaign can be one of your best and most cost-effective ways to promote your book. It not only brings exposure to your book, but it rocks your SEO results and backlinks! Your release can cover the launch of your book, any great reviews you received, an upcoming book tour or book signing, any speaking engagements you have up and coming, any radio appearances, and so much more! Remember the most important basis for a press release: It has to be newsworthy. Be sure to include in your press release all calls to action—buy my book, do a review, come to my book signing, etc.

#BookMarketing Tips – Be sure your website is set up to accept orders correctly. And, be sure that your message is clear before you market (review this frequently). Once you drive potential customers to your site, you want your site to do the rest and sell those customers!

#BookMarketing Tips – Blogging is a great way to get PR about your book. It allows you to connect with your readers, as well as those who are just curious about you but haven’t yet taken the plunge as a devoted fan. Blogging builds relationships, allows you to share more about yourself than just what appears in your book, and is the perfect place to post your book reviews or ask for reviews. Be consistent with your blogging and, whenever you add a new blog posting, mention it on all your social media channels.

#BookMarketing Tips – Radio and TV interviews are great ways to promote your newly released book. Plan for these the week of the release and schedule in advance so that all the particulars are set up and ready to go!

#BookMarketing Tips – Don’t do all your marketing when your book launches and stop. So many authors do this. They go out with a bang and then slitter back to the background in the upcoming months. Be committed to market for best results.

#BookMarketing Tips – Know your target audience. No, not everyone would love your book. Then be sure in your Facebook ads, and all marketing that you talk to them!

#VATips (Virtual Assistant Tips):

#VATip – Always have clear payment guidelines outlined in writing with clients. Everything works better when everyone knows what is expected!

#VATip – If you are available to your clients, they will trust that you have their back. Not saying be there 24/7 for them at all. Just if they have a quick question, respond ASAP. They will appreciate it.

#VATip – Let a VA Coach can help you establish your pricing. Have you ever sent out a proposal and thought, “Wow, that was too high, they will never hire me.” Or, worse yet, “Man, I’m working for nothing…I totally bid that wrong. Why did I do that?” Even the best of us have done this. But, with the right plan and review of your clients, services, skills, experience, etc., you can feel good about your pricing and know it’s right for you. Plus, I’ll bet you find that you will charge quite a bit more than you thought you could (or may be charging currently) once you have that “pricing discussion” with your coach.

#VATip – A Virtual Assistant can be instrumental in doing your research and helping to keep you organized with that research. The VA can help you decide on the best ways for the research to be done as well as the best ways to store the information so it can easily be updated.
#VATip – Blog regularly on topics that would interest your potential clients. Not only can they find you that way (internet searches), but when they land on your site and check out your blog, they will see how experienced you are in that area. It just might be the determining factor to hire you!

#VATip – Make sure you add all press, speaking engagements, etc., to your site & blog. It adds to your professionalism.

#VATip – Want help in starting your virtual assistant business, check out our book VA the Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA

#Entrepreneur Tips:

#Entrepreneur tips – Let others know your value. So many business owners just don’t understand fully everything you do because they aren’t doing the work. You need to let them know. It’s not bragging, it’s just good business sense. For example, with PR and marketing, it’s important to be able to explain to clients exactly what they are getting. Let’s say you land them in major media. Not only should you let them know that it happened, but you should also provide the stats on that site so they see how great it is and what they can expect. Also, to get more out of each media mention, provide additional information on how they can utilize their social media to showcase this media attention. So, whatever your business, find ways to do the follow-up showing all you accomplish for your clients and why it benefits them.

#Entrepreneur Tips- You need to remain passionate about what you are doing. That’s the only way to keep going and face those odds, exhaustion, and temptation to throw in the towel. You aren’t going to love what you do every day but, on the whole, you have to believe in it and want to continue doing it.

#Entrepreneur Tips – What makes you excited to work every day? Establish your business so you do more of those fun things!

#Entrepreneur Tips – When starting your business, know the costs involved. Research and ask questions. Find out not just about the normal operating costs, but what else might be required. Write it all down and plan accordingly. Have money for several months or plan to work part-time elsewhere until you’re established. Too many fail because they don’t have the money to succeed.

#Entrepreneur Tips – Social media and marketing is a key to success. Create a marketing and social media plan based on your target audience!

#Entrepreneur Tips – When marketing your product, make sure you add a “call-to-action” with exact details on what you want your potential customers to do. Make it easy for them!

#Social Media Tips:

#SocialMedia Tips – Be sure to post regularly even when you are “busy.” Time so well spent!

#SocialMedia Tips – Check the ‎#hashtags‬ you are using to ensure they are effective. If 95% of the postings under that tag are spam, it’s time to find another one!

#SocialMedia Tips – Make sure to post your own content in addition to RT’s on Twitter and Shares on Facebook. When a potential client reviews your feed and all they see are RT’s or shares, it has more of a negative impact than good social media mojo.

#SocialMedia Tips – – Review your Facebook insights and see which postings are getting the most engagement. Then, when possible, write similar postings. Your target audience is saying, “I like these!” Keep making them happy!

#SocialMedia Tips – – Develop a reputation for always sending quality tips targeted to your audience. More is not always better!

#SocialMedia Tips – Mix up your marketing with a good combination of images, tips, updates, links to your articles, etc. Then be consistent and ‘rinse and repeat weekly!’

#SocialMedia Tip – When doing a promotion or launch, be sure to create tweets in advance and share with all involved.

#SocialMedia Tip-When hiring someone to do your SM, be sure they get you, your audience, your personality, your biz, etc.

I hope you found these tips valuable. Want to use them? Go ahead, just if you could say “from @dianaennen” that would rock! Or on Facebook just mention you got them from me.

Now, I challenge you. Go and grab your Twitter postings and create a best of article as well. Share with us and we will be happy to promote your tips as well. Think how awesome it will be to get year’s worth of tips from many experts! That’s how it’s done!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Diana Ennen, President of Virtual Word Publishing, offers PR and Marketing services, book marketing services, and PR and Virtual Assistant Coaching. She also offers PR Classes including her latest PR Success Series at Follow her on social media at and

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