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October Featured CWAHM


We love featuring CWAHMs from some of the best work-at-home opportunities available! This month’s CWAHM spotlight introduces you to:

Myndi Shafer
LuLaRoe Retailer

Tell us a little about your business:  I schedule pop-up parties, either online via Facebook; or in women’s homes; or in my own home, which I love! If you’re interested in scheduling a pop-up with me, or just learning about the perks of hosting a pop-up (they. are. AWESOME!), feel free to shoot me an email or message me on Facebook. If you just want to join our Tribe and lurk a little bit, that’s totally cool too (and you should, because Rising Tide Tribe is a group of fun, supportive, positive women. You’d fit right in!).

What do your days look like? I am a LuLaRoe retailer, which on the surface means I sell clothes. Ridiculously comfortable, super cute clothes. So that’s great, but that’s not where my passion lies. My passion for this business is in helping women embrace their own personal beauty–just as they are. It’s in creating a community that lifts each other up and does good. It’s in creating a safe space where the seeds of new friendships can be planted and nurtured into bloom. It’s in creating financial freedom for my family and enjoying myself in the process.

Why did you choose this particular business? I chose LuLaRoe because their business model is unique. Most people assume LuLaRoe is a typical MLM, but I liked that I could do well for myself without ever building a team. That’s not to say that I don’t want to build a team, but I wasn’t interested in making team-building my #1 goal right out of the gate. Another thing that attracted me to them was their point margin–as the wife of an entrepreneur, I understand the necessity of a decent point margin in order to turn a profit, and LuLaRoe’s point margins are very good. Demand for their product is high, and word-of-mouth about the brand was rampant and generally positive.

I also loved that they don’t charge a ‘fat tax’ on their plus size clothes–any plus size gal knows what it’s like to shop and see the prices gouged because of their size. Also, in doing research for my business plan, it because clear to me that in spite of the occasional bad press, the company has its stuff together–a vision for their long-term future and the capital to implement it.

What do you love MOST about your business? There are three things that I adore about this business. The first is the women I interact with. My Facebook group Rising Tide Tribe has grown from 40 people to 350 in just two months, and it is a crazy, fun, positive place to be. These women–most of them didn’t know each other at all before the Tribe–lift each other up and join hands to do good together. It’s amazing. We’ve donated money to hurricane relief. We’re currently doing a month-long blood/platelet drive. We are selfie-crazy because we feel good about ourselves and want to encourage each other to be kind to ourselves! And it’s a joy and privilege to be brought into their lives–I’ve had so many messages of requests for prayer, or notes of how wearing LuLaRoe has helped them deal with chronic pain, or how looking forward to our online pop-ups has given them a little ray of light in their struggle with depression.

I expected selling LuLaRoe to be fun. I didn’t expect it to be so important, and that is beautiful and humbling. The second thing I love about it is that I can work from home. I know that seems obvious, but truly, that’s a gift that I don’t take lightly. To be able to pull in a decent part-time income from home is such a blessing. And the third thing I adore about this business is the culture of the company. There is a sisterhood among most retailers and a sense of care from corporate. Anytime I have felt lost or like the learning curve was too much to overcome, someone has always come beside me, grabbed my hand, and said, “How can I help?” That’s pretty freaking cool.

What’s unique about your business? One thing that I am so proud of is that my business was (and is being) built via a ground-up grass-roots effort. Rising Tide Tribe has grown solely through word-of-mouth, which has made my group active and vibrant. And since our Tribe isn’t just about me selling clothes–it’s also about friendship and sisterhood and mission of doing good in our communities–it’s not a tiresome place to be. I want to know the women in my Tribe, and I want them to know each other. Selling clothes is secondary. It’s like frosting on the cake or froth on your latte–it’s awesome to have, but on its own it will probably give you a stomach ache. I’m here for the relationships; the retail success is just a side fruit (one that I need and enjoy–don’t get me wrong! But my focus in business will always be people first).

How do you involve your family in your home-based business? My family has been amazingly supportive of my business. They help me take photos. They help me do inventory. They help me load and unload for in-home pop-ups. They make me coffee (may they be blessed). They make me laugh. They give me a reason to push through when my feelings have been hurt by an unsavory customer or grumpy retailer (because it’s never all sunshine and rainbows).
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