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Putting Faith Into Practice As A Small Business Owner


The BibleSome Christians who have taken the plunge and placed perhaps just a little bit more faith in God than the rest of us often find that their vocation and their faith are rarely in conflict. However, regardless of one’s political leanings, the gradual drift towards a more ‘modern’ and liberal society is bringing with it unprecedented challenges and previously unseen scenarios for men and women of faith who wish to balance respect for other beliefs with their own sincere convictions.

It is when presented with these dilemmas of faith that many of us turn to the teachings of the Bible, but it is not always practical or possible to do so. For those day to day conundrums, we rely on our best judgment in the absence of higher authority.

As a small business owner, it can be hard to find the most suitable balance between your faith and your finances. Fortunately, you are not alone in this conundrum and there are a variety of people and organizations happy to share their own take on the matters. Here is a selection of both specific pieces of advice with broadsheet applications, and words of general guidance from those who have successfully navigated the minefield.

Open More Doors

Having qualifications under your belt is a tremendous boon when looking to attract potential employees to your business, as well as when presenting yourself to the public at large. Of all the qualifications available, many of which can be obtained for little to no cost, and in some cases without even leaving the house, only a small fraction will be relevant to your chosen vocation.  

This doesn’t mean other qualifications can’t add considerable value to your CV and you as an employer. Remember that the cost of a qualification is a poor metric for measuring its real world usefulness and when considering your educational and training options. There are many options for those looking to supplement their existing contributions to the community by studying, for example, an online MHA degree such as that offered by Ohio University gives students a formal training in healthcare administration, this an area that is currently poorly represented despite its vital importance.

Training and qualifications that allow you perform additional work on the side also give you the opportunity to increase your spiritual and financial contributions to your life and work. An online master of healthcare administration in strategy and innovation is also the kind of degree which will retain its value for a long time and potentially open a variety of doors for you.

Support Good Causes

As a small business, supporting good causes, particularly local ones, is a fantastic way of making inroads with the local community and helping to build your brand as a part of the local fabric. Charitable and other ventures put your company’s name at the front of people’s minds when organizing local events.


Church gatherings are always great places to meet new people and organizations and to build up your contacts list; the stronger your ties to the town, the easier it will be to secure work and build a rapport with the locals.

Once you have established yourself as a local institution, the work should come rolling in, and gradually, month-by-month, your enterprise will become a part of the place’s history.

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