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Setting a Positive Role Model For Kids


Children are sponges for knowledge, following in the examples that adults provide for them. Whether parents realize it, their actions set an example for children’s behavior. Setting a positive role model for kids is a “lead by example” effort and takes a lot of hard work.

Advice from Experts

The U.S. Dept. of Education advice for caregivers can be applied to parents, too. Those in charge of children’s development have to set good examples when kids are away from home. Be a good role model by:

  • Being positive and confident to help children be positive and confident in their environment
  • Be responsive to their needs by tuning into them with full attention, even if for a moment
  • Be consistent and predictable, so children will feel more safe
  • Activities can help children play and develop social or cognitive skills

Also, connect with other parents to create a supportive network.

Healthy Habits for Kids

On top of ensuring children have a positive and calm environment, kids also need exercise and good nutrition.

According to statistic from the National Wildlife Foundation, today’s kids spend more than seven-and-a-half hours inside with entertaining media, and only 6 percent play outdoors. However, kids that do play outside are also more active and less aggressive than their peers. The outdoors also improves concentration in children, a must for those with ADHD.

Nutrition is harder to nail down, with all the fad diets that pop into society. However, including plenty of vegetables, lean and high protein meats, and a moderate amount of fresh fruits and grains. Keep kids away from added sugars (natural sugar in fruit is ok) and saturated or trans fats foods, such as high fat meats, cheese or butter.

Exercising and eating right can be difficult for adults, too, but the benefits of doing so are ample. Better health, fewer illnesses, more energy and a longer lifespan are a few outcomes from making positive health and fitness choices. As hard as it is, it sets a good example for children. When they see adults eating well and exercising more often, they’ll want to join in.

Future Drivers and Current Laws

To create better future drivers, Australia is taking aim at poorly driving parents. Australia’s “Towards Zero” campaign hopes to encourage parents or caregivers to be better examples when behind the wheel and reduce road trauma among young adults ages 18-25.

Part of the plan is “Safe People” who understand that everyone can help increase our road safety. Drive calm, drive happy, drive safely and keep being a positive role model to little future driver. One of the best ways to ensure a continued good example for child, is to be up-to-date on, and well within, the laws on and off the road.

Living by example means that lane changes should have signals, that stop signs should be obeyed, speed limits not be broken, cell phones not utilized while driving, and more. Not only will you keep your insurance low with such good driving, but you’ll also set a top-notch example for your child. Stay up to date by checking out the DMV handbook for your state.

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  1. Stephen oyoo oluoch says:

    Children are the future generation in every society , and therefore they ought to be natured and brought up in the ways of the lord, thus setting up a good society.

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