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What You Need to Know About Hiring Your First Employees


Woman working from homeHiring your first employees is bound to be a little daunting. In addition to sharing your business responsibilities with new people, you will also have to adhere to your legal and moral duties as an employer. To ensure the process is as smooth as possible, read our top tips for hiring your first members of staff.

Embark on Applicant Checks

Have you found the ideal candidate for a position at your new company? If so, you must ensure the prospective employee has the right to work in the United States. You must also embark on criminal record checks to ensure they are the right person for the job. Don’t forget to follow up on any references to ensure their employment and academic history reflects their CV.

An Employment Contract

Once you have hired a candidate for the advertised vacancy, it is advisable to draw up an employment contract if they will work for you for a month or more. This must detail the terms and conditions of the employment, and you should strive to provide the contract within two months of hiring a new member of staff.

The employment contract must provide an outline of an employee’s responsibilities, rights and their working conditions. The written document will therefore protect both the employer and the employee.

Acquire Business Insurance

There are different insurance plans to choose from when you first start a business. It is wise to invest in cover to protect your company from claims that could be made by employees following an accident, injury or illness at work. This will ensure your business is financially protected should an employee unfortunately experience a fall, injury or contract a debilitating illness at work.

Register as a Business

It is imperative to register as a business before you hire your first employee. After all, you will be responsible for paying your members of staff an agreed salary. What’s more, you will also have to deduct federal income tax, social security and Medicare taxes.

Create a Pay Stub

Not only must you ensure you pay your employees on an agreed date each month, but it is also essential to provide them with a pay stub each month. This should provide details on their gross and net pay, as well as their taxes, pension contributions and any deductions (such as medical, dental and vision). However, providing your employees with a pay check doesn’t have to be complex, as you can turn to an online paystub maker that will take as little as two minutes to create. What’s more, you can include additional information, such as the company name and salary details.

Adhere to Health & Safety Requirements

Every employer has both a legal and moral obligation to adhere to health and safety requirements, which will provide their team members with a safe and secure working environment. You must therefore assess the risks within your organization to prevent an accident or injury from taking place.

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