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You Might Be Down, But You Won’t Be Out


There are a lot of issues that could knock your business out of the market. What happens next will depend on how you handle the problem. If you’re smart and respond quickly, your company will be down, but it won’t be out for the count. That’s not true for all companies. Many can take a hit that knocks them out of the market within their first year. Others, will spend a lot more time on the market but their period of success will still come to a bitter end. So, what type of issues are we talking about and how should you deal with them effectively?

IT Disaster

You might have heard of a disaster recovery in your business. If you use tech or data in your business, you hope that it continues to work without any issues. You need it to because if your tech fails so does your company. You won’t be able to sell or make any form of profit during that period of downtime. Unfortunately, tech does break down and fail for a variety of reasons. It could be due to a strike against your company. For instance, a number of companies were taken down last year by a DNS server attack. This took them out of the search indexes and ensured customers could not find their sites online. You can probably see how this could be an issue for any ecommerce business.

The best way to handle a disaster like this is to make sure you already have a team that you can call. Secure data disaster recovery by Infrascale and other similar companies can guarantee that your business is back up and running in hours or even minutes. They will also ensure that you don’t lose any of the data that is important to you or your customers.
Legal Lows

Every year thousands of businesses are inundated with accidental injury claims from their employees. Injuries have happened on their premises and workers have demanded compensation in court. This could have been a person tripping over a wire in the office. Or perhaps something more serious in a factory. The good news is if you work from home you’re probably not going to fall victim to one of these claims. However, there is precedence for employees to complain about RSI if their employees have pushed them to work without breaks. Although, it’s very difficult to complain if you have a virtual team of staff rather than a full office.

If you are running an office with workers, you need to make sure health and safety standards are kept high. Any injury claim can usually be tackled head on if you can prove that it could not have been prevented by action on your part.


Cheap Competition

Of course, you might find that a disaster in your business is caused by another company stepping onto your territory. If you have a particularly cheap competitor on the market, customers might choose their business over yours. Now, you can either cut your own prices to match or step up your promotional campaign. However, either way, you will need to make sure there is enough money in your budget. This is why it’s imperative that costs are already low in your business model.

Take this advice, and you will be able to tackle most of the business hits without falling to the ground.

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