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4 Great Home Based Businesses for Nurses


When someone talks about the nursing profession, the default assumption is that you’re making rounds in a doctor’s office or hospital. However, there are ways nurses can work from home and even run a business from home. Here are 4 great home-based business ideas for nurses.


Telenursing is when someone provides medical advice through the phone or video conferencing. This type of work is actually driven by insurers who want to provide medical triaging and advice. For example, a panicked parent calling about a child’s symptoms can be told whether or not the child truly needs to go to the Emergency Room or can be handled via first aid. Or the parents may be told what they can do to cope with the condition, knowing which escalation of symptoms does warrant an ER visit or going to the doctor the following morning.

Nurses can offer this service to doctor’s offices, so that doctors receive fewer late night phone calls. Or they can work through platforms that offer tele-nursing services just as many customer service reps and telemarketers now work from home. You may need to complete an msn online to offer more than scripted advice for liability purposes.

Medical Recruiting

A popular home business for nurses is working as a recruiter. You connect with doctors’ offices, hospitals, nursing homes, seasonal destinations and others who are desperate to recruit nurses. And then you connect with other nurses seeking a variety of positions. Now you’re playing matchmaker and are paid for the service.

Dietician/Diet Planner

Nurses are perfectly trained to provide dietary advice to their clients. Be aware of local regulations that may require certifications beyond a nursing degree to act as a dietician. However, in general, a nurse can work with a client to assemble lists of approved foods or put together meal plans that fit the patient’s unique set of medical conditions and dietary needs. If you know how to plan a dozen different gluten free meals or a paleo diet that doesn’t cost a fortune or need a lot of work, a nurse working as a diet planner could find quite a few clients eager for their advice.

Medical Writer

You can find literally a million blogs on all sorts of healthy living topics. Content farms, however, are giving preference to those with training and credentials in a given area. Someone with a bachelor’s degree is paid more than someone with only an associate’s degree, while you’ll see demand for your expertise if you have completed an RN to MSN online program. If you want to write about how to handle an infant’s case of thrush, or whether certain herbs are safe to take after completing a procedure, you will be well paid on a per article basis for your expertise. And you can do it from home.

The business opportunities for nurses and health professionals are almost endless. Whether you decide to go as a writer, Dietician or start a nursing agency, make sure you choose a business that fits your needs and aspirations.

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